Twenty-two year old rising star and Finnish musician Alma hit The Great Escape by storm this weekend, headlining the VEVO Stage at Wagner Hall on Thursday night. We managed to chat with her ahead of her performance to find out a bit more about her upcoming tour and music.

We opened the interview up with a peace offering presenting pop-singer Alma with a true British seaside treat – a personalised stick of rock which rather than the name ‘Alma’, the closest we could get was ‘Alan’. Her response to the flavour was however, “interesting.”

This young Finnish star started this musical journey by “going to the same sort of parties a lot of Finnish rap producers were going.” After gradually getting recognised for her strong talent, she has already written over fifty songs, with many already produced and ready for when she got signed at just eighteen years old.

Alma’s talent had started earlier on, after being on the Finnish equivalent of pop-idol when she was just fifteen, where she received a respectable sixth place. Looking back on the experience Alma says, “the free food for like a month was a massive bonus but the show didn’t really help me at all so I soon returned back to school.” She exclaims the timing wasn’t right, as being only fifteen she still had to live her teenage years. “I realised I just didn’t want to be in this world…yet. As fifteen is too young, I needed to live in order to have something to write about.”

Inspired by every kind of music, she feels Amy Winehouse and Charli XCX are the biggest inspirations to her own style. Despite only being in the music realm for a short period of time, she feels she’s lucky to be “working with such great people already.”


When trying to explain her own style, she said, “I think my music style comes from own experiences, and my life, and how I’m a bit angry with the world and disappointed by people through the teenage years that I’m still living.”

After her hit single Chasing Highs and featuring on many known artists tracks from Sub Focus’s Don’t You Feel It and Charli XCX’s Out of My Head, the coming months are filled with performance after performance for young Alma. With her UK tour starting next week, and many festival appearances over the summer season, I asked what fans can expect from this rising star in the next year.

Alma explains, “I’m very excited for where my music style is heading as my new album is basically going to be U-turn from the music I’ve been making now, which is kind of scary but I’m very excited about it too, and I feel I need to do this to become the real artist I want to be.”

After starting this journey at eighteen, she feels she still has time to grow as a person, and an artist, with her album set to be “more grown up and more true to myself.” As her confidence grows both generally and as an artist, she feels her music is “me understanding who I am, and breaking the rules as an artist, as a female, as a human because I feel in this world I believe we should be able to be who we are, love who we are, travel wherever the fuck we want, everyone and have a home wherever you want to be.”

As the interview came to a close, Alma rated the ‘Alan’ rock an eight out of ten. Not bad for an old seaside classic.

Alma went on to play a storming set at a packed Vevo stage at The Great Escape festival. A little video teaser below.

Photo credits: Dee McCourt (Borkowski Arts)

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