Fusing dance music with traditional Romanian instruments and folk songs, Nico de Transilvania recently released her debut album Be One. On Thurs 13 Dec, she heads to Brighton’s The Black Dove for a special album launch party, showcases a movie covering the album’s production and mixing up a few Transylvanian cocktails.

This fusion of genres has formed a ground-breaking seven track LP, its mix of influences reflecting Brighton-based Nico’s inimitable DJ sets. Full of energetic, bouncy Balkan beats and hypotonic vocals wired together with electronic music, every time this album is sold an oak tree will be planted in Romanian Forests by the Muzică Without Frontiers charitable initiative ‘Forest Without Frontiers’.

On Be One, Nico picks up from the authentic sounds defined her previous Come Get Your Sisters EP. Based on her Muzică Without Frontiers vision to unite artists of all ages and culture, this album explores her own ancestral heritage, and the preservation of musical traditions through soulful electronica.

Muzică Without Frontiers presents: Nico de Transilvania – ‘Be One’ from Nicoleta Carpineanu on Vimeo.

With support already garnered from Nickodemus who successfully road-tested Come Get Your Sisters at Bonobo’s Boiler Room session in New York, the latest chapter her interpretation of the music that energises her DJ sets and influences her selections. Her innate ability to create music that makes you want to dance is immortalised in this genre-hopping release. Instrumental to this production are Evil Nine’s Tom Beaufoy and Abstract Source who coproduced the album, alongside over twenty contributing artists – recording on location in Romanian forests, Bucharest and back in the UK.

With the vision to plant an oak forest for future generations, all profits and donations from this album will go directly to the initiative Forests Without Frontiers. Be One is an album for the environmentally conscience dance floor lover which we’re hoping in 2018 is just about everyone.

Nico de Transilvania’s album, Be One, is available now via Muzică Without Frontiers
Her album launch party will be rocking Brighton’s The Black Dove on Thurs 13 Dec 2018.