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Brighton Science Festival returns on Sat 15 Feb – Sun 2 Mar, bringing with it all the regular big Science weekends, scintillating discussions and thought-provoking events we’ve come to expect and love. This year’s themes are shaping up to be Conflict & Warfare, Fairness & Equality, Food & Diet and The Web & Connectivity.

Brighton Science Festival started eight years ago to explore and discover where we came from, deal with where we are and debate where we might go in the future.

By using a selection of extraordinary and inspiring science communicators the festival aims to make Science open and compelling for everyone.

Whilst the Festival is for all ages, the age group it hopes to particularly inspire Brighton’s 12-14 year-olds. Right now there’s an issue with most youngsters disengaging from Science-based subjects. Despite major tinkering with the school system,

It’s been identified there are two elements missing, which even the most energetic teachers have difficulty coping with:

1. There is no spirit of discovery. Young people love to explore, experiment and create, and don’t mind making mistakes along the way. But the existing school curriculum doesn’t leave time for mistakes. Students have to get the right version in their books straight away, ready to move on to the next topic, leaving no room for the spirit of discovery.

2. Secondly, parents don’t join in. Schools often have sports days, when all the parents come along. They have school plays; all the parents come along. When they have science days the school is deserted.

So, Brighton Science Festival’s Family Fun days are there for both parents and their children to play, experiment, discover and share the experience.


Brighton Science Festival hopes to make Science so irresistible to young students that the A-level courses are flooded with applicants. Already there is an increased uptake in Sussex. A raised uptake for Science subjects means higher standards and better choice for businesses.

The Festival is building bridges between science and the people. If you have any interest in Science, then you should certainly check it out. If you have any Science-based skills, then you should consider providng a demonstration of your own.

Images by Kieta Lynch


Stuart Rolt