Brighton Science Festival returns on Sat 15 Feb – Sun 2 Mar, bringing with it all the regular big Science weekends, scintillating discussions and thought-provoking events we’ve come to expect and love. This year’s themes are shaping up to be Conflict and Warfare, Fairness and Equality, Food and Diet and The Web and Connectivity.

Started eight years ago, the Festival aims to explore and discover where we came from, deal with where we are and debate where we might go in the future. By using a selection of extraordinary and inspiring science communicators the festival aims to make Science open and compelling for everyone.

Explorations into the science of attraction, scientific poetry slams, magic show, remote-controlled robot battles and explosive chemistry shows are just a small sample of the esoteric scientific treats on offer.

There’s musical comedy, mind blowing lectures and guides to building your own games console, 3D printing, sewing, drawing, and coding. With scores of demonstrations, seminars and discussions happening all over the City, there’s practically no limit to what you’ll discover.

As always there are weekends of science fun for kids and their parents with demonstrations, games and creepy crawlies. Whilst the Festival is for all ages,
It sets out to actively promote the spirit of discovery to young people, encouraging parents to participate at the same time.
Already recent years have seen an increased uptake in Sussex for Science-based A-level courses. A raised uptake for Science subjects means higher standards and better choice for businesses.

Brighton Science Festival website

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