Brighton’s Best Music Shows in July 2017

Christina Martin

Thurs 6 July

Latest Music Bar

Image made By Scott Munn

Image made By Scott Munn

Leaving Canada behind for a month, multi-award winning singer-songwriter Christina Martin comes to Brighton for the seventh stop on her UK tour. This marvellous songstress brings with her soothing and melodious choruses, an effortless union of alt-country and rock, and a characteristically relaxed pop sensibility.

However, her music goes deeper than that. Newest single [Lungs are Burning] – set to feature on her forthcoming album later this year – was triggered by the issues of the rising fentanyl crisis in her home country. An anthem for the lost and longing, the single offers a glimpse of real humanity with heartfelt lyrics such as ‘we’re reaching to fill ourselves’. With an acclaimed back catalogue, Martin’s new material promises to be nothing less than spectacular. Be sure not to miss this one.


Fri 7 July

The Green Door Store


Couple a fast-paced, four-track debut EP ([When the Day Comes]) with the release of three singles in a matter of months, and you’ll find yourself with a rapidly growing force of music. This is what the much-loved Green Door Store are offering this month in the form of YVES.

Formed in 2015, the Swindon-based three piece have been making serious waves in the industry, and have recently announced a three-date tour including another stop in London. This looks to be only the beginning for the band as they gear up to their first full release. Close on the brink of bigger and better stages, now might be your last chance to catch them in an intimate venue.

Hayseed Dixie

Mon 10 July

Ropetackle Centre

Hayseed Dixie

I’m sure you’ve heard of AC/DC, though perhaps not their hillbilly cousins, Hayseed Dixie. The name is a phonetic play on the classic rockers – see it now? Beginning life one whiskey-fuelled summer in Tennessee, the band have spent the last 17 years covering the biggest rock hits the world has ever seen, new and old. However, this is no ordinary tribute band, but rather a band in its own right. You’re certain to recognise the tunes, though not at all like this.

Since 2000, Hayseed Dixie have created their own genre – ‘rockgrass’ – a fusion of bluegrass and rock music. This has led to endless re-imaginings, re-inventions and re-recordings of famous songs with one fundamental belief: everything sounds better with a banjo.

Dan Owen

Mon 17 July


Dan Owen 600x600

Fresh from the release of brand new EP [Open Hands and Enemies], ‘Blues Boy’ Dan Owen heads to Brighton to deliver a soulful performance to the Komedia. Having played to crowds at numerous festivals over the past few years before joining Birdy as support on her UK tour last October, he has amassed a worldwide following which reportedly includes drummer of the legendary Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood.

Owen is one of the most promising voices rising through the ranks of the UK music scene, offering an uncompromising authenticity that can be difficult to find in a world in which the charts repeatedly churn out the same old formulaic pop songs.

Gogol Bordello

Thurs 6 July

Brighton Dome

Gogol Bordello PRESS SHOT 2017

If music should have one thing, it should be character. After being described as ‘the world’s most visionary band’, this is something Gogol Bordello’s fantastical blend of gypsy-punk has in abundance. Whether they’re playing to the crowds of Coachella and Glastonbury or to the more intimate audiences of Brighton Dome, the nine-piece from Manhattan promise an action-packed and energetic set.

Bringing spirited acts of theatrical sorcery and spontaneity together all in one place, the group say they’re trying to “provoke the audience out of the post-modern aesthetic and towards new sources of authentic energy.” If that’s the kind of energy you’re looking for, then you know the place to go.

Joyce Manor

Fri 14 July

The Haunt

JoyceManor by Dan Monick

The release of Joyce Manor’s 2014 record [Never Hungover Again] brought them massive acclaim, and even saw them likened to pop-punk giants Blink 182 and Weezer. Last year, following the entrance of a new drummer and producer, the band released their latest record, [Cody], which shows them with a more mature and human outlook.

Now, the Californian four-piece are heading back to the UK for a ten-leg tour with support coming from friends Martha. Brighton is set to be the band’s final stop and your chance to at last see for yourself one of the unsung heroes of the shrinking – but by no means disappearing – pop-punk scene.

Indigo Girls

Weds 26 July

Concorde 2

indigo girls by keith pattison

Grammy Award winning American folk-rock duo Indigo Girls are heading back to the UK for the first time in almost a decade. The pair, consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, met in school and have been making music for the past 30 years, managing to retain a position on the Billboard 200 the entire time.

Gaining instant recognition after signing to Epic Records in 1988 with their critically-acclaimed eponymous album – which went on to earn double platinum – the pair became overnight folk icons. Incredible expectations the girls continually live up to mean any chance to hear their smooth instrumentals and soothing vocals is one not to miss.


Thurs 20 July

Rialto Theatre


With iconic artists Pulp, The Cure and Echo & the Bunnymen named among a list of influences, Chorusgirl are a refreshing gust of air free-floating in from the past. Not a replication, but rather a reawakening, their sound is distinctly ‘London’ noise-pop with a markedly velvet quality that is hard to come by among newer artists of the 21st century.

Reportedly now recording their second album, the four-piece started out life when Silvi Wersing finally became fed up of backing others’ mediocre dreams, deciding instead to begin again. Producing songs that sparkle with soft melodies layered upon themes of veiled frustration, the band look to offer something that is both new and somehow also familiar.

Sunn O)))

Thurs 20 July

Concorde 2

SUNN O))) Estelle Hanania 0815 6 - Festival_live

Founded in 1998, Sunn O))), consisting of Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley, plus varying collaborators, challenge everything that we thought we knew about music. Supported by a heavy-duty army of amplifiers, the group find themselves led by someone who is somewhere between a conductor and a frontman.

Emerging from a sea of fog to quite literally hit their audiences with what can only be described as a meticulously constructed wall of noise, Sunn O))) create a visceral musical experience with a combination of loud, distorted and static sounds – plus plenty of smoke and lasers, obviously. Their live shows aren’t just about the music (that would be too simple), rather they encompass a whole experience to produce a meticulously disciplined example of showmanship.

Teen Canteen

Thurs 27 July

The Green Door Store

Teen Canteen TC1

In support of the release of their four-song EP [Sirens], Teen Canteen, the all-girl pop four-piece from Glasgow, are paying the south coast a visit. Having been championed by BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley, the girls combin cherry-cola kissed melodies with melancholy synth-driven dramas to create a sound likened to the Scottish version of the Shangri La’s.

Formed in 2012 and with a number of packed out shows and UK festival appearances already under their belts, these ‘sisters’ undeniably know how to put on a show bursting with their dynamic bland of feisty and energetic post-punk heart.

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Sat 22 July

The Haunt




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