Brighton’s December Comedy Previews

Mon 12 – Thurs 15 Dec
The Old Market
Tues 27 – Thurs 29 Dec
Royal Pavilion Ice Rink

The West is taking its first baby-steps into a stark post-truth world. While this might be terrifying for many, global events are offering a feeding frenzy for Brighton’s legendary satirical comedy show. The Treason Show will be sinking their collective teeth into the finest screw-ups, stupidest celebrities and most shameless politicians that 2016 can provide. It’s been a year of referendums, political campaigns, elections, false promises and unlikely ascendancies. Founded by award-winning artistic director, Mark Brailsford in 2000, The Treason Show ran for nine years at Komedia Brighton, now packing out venues across Sussex and abroad. Written by a team of over 40 writers and performed by multi-talented performers, it ‘wow’s audiences with a dynamic, rapid-fire sketch show. The team will also be paying homage to a few of the artistic greats who’ve left us, in a show packed with silly songs, impersonations and some spectacular wigs. Also in the fold is a selection of their most popular sketches and gags from the last 12 months, making it the only place to reminisce about one of mankind’s most stupid years. Trump, May, Corbyn, Farage or even Brighton & Hove City Council – nobody is safe. So, get ready for one last treasonous look at a period most of us are glad to see slip into the history books.

Sun 4 Dec
Brighton Dome

He’s the right man at the wrong age. Are you 16-years-old, yet feel 21? Are you 40, but tragically faking 25? (We’re not looking at anyone in particular – honest!) Or maybe you’re full-on 80 years, with the heart of three oxen and the sex drive of a bonobo chimp. Don’t worry: this is normal. No one is ever the ‘right’ age – it’s is the beauty and the curse of being a real person. Famed for his critically acclaimed tours, this multi-award-winning comedian, presenter, actor, author and scriptwriter has been performing sell-out shows across the globe. Now he is back with a brand new show, unleashing another blisteringly-funny performance about growing up, growing down, and why farts will always be funny.

Thurs 8 – Fri 9 Dec
Brighton Dome

The unparalleled improvisational genius of Ross Noble is back to swing at whatever takes his fancy. Essentially, he’ll walk onstage, have a bit of a chat with his audience and talk about what pops into his racing mind. His new show, [Brain Dump] gives us another dose of this careering bundle of joy. It’ll allow his luxuriant imagination to spill out, as he unravels some elaborately imagined scenarios. Ingenious, hilarious and brilliant, what he deals with is way more complex than simple self-indulgent surrealism. The meanderings are strands cleverly woven together by a razor-sharp mind. You’d better be prepared for some enormous leaps of logic, but go with it and you’ll certainly be rewarded.

Sat 10 Dec
Connaught Theatre, Worthing


Brexit is lumbering on, and already it’s achieving what the European Exchange Rate Mechanism failed to do back in 1990. So, this is a great time to see the German Comedy Ambassador in full flow, before he gets sent back to a crumbling Europe. He’s bringing an evening of Teutonic jolliness and upbeat humour to Worthing, taking an unbiased look at immigration and exploring if normal people are actually that competent. He’ll be exposing all our most British hang-ups, idiosyncrasies and preconceptions, so prepare for a few home truths. Luckily in his case this doesn’t matter as either he’s funny or he lives up to a national stereotype. It’s a win-win situation.

Mon 12 Dec


[What Would Beyonce Do?!] is the most successful debut show to come from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has now toured over 12 countries. This brilliant show has been nominated for Best Comedy Show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and was recently been turned into a book. Veering between an obsession with Beyoncé to the perils of text-message etiquette, this is a hilarious tale of redemption, romance and reinvention. It sees her wrestling with several different narrative voices, she succeeds in creating a show which is hilarious yet able to deal with difficult and sometimes complex subjects. Now she’s selecting one-off specials at some of her favourite cities in preparation for something very exciting!

Weds 14 Dec

The very best of the city’s stand-up comedians come together for an evening of festive frolics. It’s in aid of The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove’s Carers Caravan, to offer short breaks to unpaid carers right across the city. The Centre focuses on supporting carers, helping give them a real voice in designing and influencing local services. It works in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies, working proactively to ensure appropriate and timely assistance is provided. This hilarious night of Christmas capers is being strung together by the excellent MC Joe McCarthy. Joining him are the ever-reliable Joe Wilkinson, Phil Jerrod, Sam Savage, Dan Fardell, Phil Lucas, Julie Oliver, Joe Foster, Adam Race and Rob Dumbrell.

Thurs 15 Dec


It’s double trouble at Komedia tonight, and this is a line-up which is hard to beat. Suzi Ruffell returns with her third show – [Common]. She explores her dodgy family history, her working-class roots and uses it all to make us laugh. Fun and inventive, she’s a talented performer with a loveable stage presence. Tom Allen is fresh from supporting Sarah Millican on her sold-out UK tour. Now he brings you a new show from his reliably hilarious, slightly acerbic, totally unique point of view. Featured on [8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown], [Just a Minute] and [The John Bishop Show], he adeptly brings out a brilliant and somewhat bitchy look at the world.

Tues 20 Dec


Things do feel a bit ‘doom and gloom’ at the moment, so if you’re in need of a laugh this December, the Christmas Comedy Cracker has you covered. Organised by [Gogglebox]’s Alex Michael as a fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation and Raleigh International, this three-hour show features Simon Evans, Craig Campbell and Sean Collins, as well as six other award-winning comedians. But, better still, it’s all for the bargain price of £10! If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, all the proceeds will be donated to the charities handpicked by Alex, so you can finally feel a little bit better AND give yourself a stitch from laughing – well it’s better than running…

Weds 21 Dec


Since the release of second album [No Dick’s As Hard As My Life], Tina C has become a global brand. Now she is visiting Brighton to bring light, joy and seasonal goodwill on the longest night of the year. So, huddle together for warmth with your family and bask in the angelic glory of this nine-time Grammy Award-winning artist! You’ll love her Yuletide classics like [Ho Ho Ho Down] and [My Dog Died at Xmas], and thrill to her tales of celebrities, American politics and what she thinks is going on in this world of ours. The perfect way to prepare for Jesus’ birthday, get your ass down to Komedia for a mess of Christmas country lovin’.

Thurs 22 Dec


Housewife superstar, Mrs Barbara Nice, brings another seasonal selection box of fun and frolics to Brighton. This is the perfect way to rediscover the joy of Christmas. It’s a party every night, so forget your troubles – come on, get happy! There are no rigid sketches, little regard for the divide between audience and performer and plenty of love and spontaneity. She acknowledges that the world’s population doesn’t have enough fun, so she’s here to solve that problem. What’s so fantastic about Mrs Nice’s performances is that no two shows are the same. But every warm and welcoming show results in one thing – a life-affirming live experience. That’s the true spirit of Christmas.

Thurs 22 Dec
Caroline Of Brunswick


It’s a light-hearted theatrical extravaganza. The Haus Of Bitter Sour know that the best way to learn about a show is to cut it open and delve straight in hands first! That’s exactly what they’re going to do. But lose those surgical gloves, we want to feel all the juicy bits. It’s hosted by serial make-up abuser, slayer of ukuleles and ‘poet most dire’ – Count Addiction – along with Cherry Lambrini goddess Cherry Fakewell who’ll be putting the ass in class. Joining them are the lovely guest performers – Roxie Cleopatra and Fuchsia Von Steel, with music and sound provided by DJ Zombie. It’ll be a luscious serving of gothic, punk and horror-inspired cabaret, laced with the camp cuteness you have come to expect from great drag, this is not a night to be missed.

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