Dear Serge returns to De La Warr Pavilion on Sat 15 Nov, with a selection of sound, visual and performative artists taking over various areas of the building from 12noon until 6pm. All ages are welcome so this free event, which offers a taste of something truly cutting-edge and unique.

Named after one of the forward-thinking architects of the Pavilion, Dear Serge is an afternoon and evening of eclectic live performances. From live music, art, and live performance pieces to the more diverse artistic practices, you can’t afford to miss it. Dear Serge will take you on a visual, auditory and experiential journey with performances taking place in a variety of spaces around the building.

Exhibits for Dear Serge November 2014

Architectural Installation for Video and Light

Cieciura/De Sousa are formed through a shared belief in creative development through new experiences in art. Cieciura/De Sousa aim to share and develop their ideas with a wider audience. For this Dear Serge they will create an experiential art work that explores the sensation of space. Oskar Schlemmer, whilst working on his dance productions at the Bauhaus, considered ‘felt volume’ to be complex challenge; the opposition of visual plane and spatial depth. Cieciura/De Sousa – in order to further explore this opposition – will transform the roof space of the De La Warr Pavilion into an experiential artwork.

Sound Installation & Live Music Performance

Non-Blank is a collaboration between local sound artists Oliver Cherer and Riz Maslen. Riz is well known for her long list of recordings and projects under the Neotropic moniker and Ollie Cherer has been trading for the last decade under musical alias Dollboy and, along with Darren Morris on keyboard instruments and Jack Hayter on steel guitar and viola, they come together as non-blank and will be “playing the building” in a live experiment in sound and music. They will be using old tape machines, organic, analogue and digital instruments, voices and willing members of the audience to improvise around and react to the results of their summer research at the De La Warr Pavilion.

Sound and Video Installation

Lynn Dennison’s installations use film and sound to explore the meanings created when the exterior enters the interior, when the bucolic, arcadian and romantic connotations of land and seascape enter, or encounter in other ways, the built environment. She is interested in the idea of a fear of the landscape, and the creation of an artwork that suggests the enormity of nature.

In ‘Waterfall’, video and sound have been used to create a place where culture and nature converge. This installation invites spectators to experience the De La Warr Pavilion in a new way, creating a connection between inside and out.

Sound sculpture & Live Music Performance

Located somewhere between electro acoustic music and sound sculptural bricolage, Romvelope aka Bjørn Hatleskog, releases music and makes sound sculpture exploring the nature of feedback loops and, noise and interference and their relationship with music. Romvelope will be showing a new installation which involves the liberal application of reed organs, in addition to some sporadic live improvisations together with Christos Fanaras.

Installation & Performance Lecture

*Rock On Bones* was the name of a trend practiced in the Soviet Union primarily during the 1950’s and early 60’s and was a way of cutting records of banned music from the West illegally, using discarded medical x-ray transparencies in place of vinyl. By constructing a collage of new and archival visual material, this performance-lecture adopts the x-ray record as a device to navigate the wider notions of consumption and censorship.

Audio and Live Projections

The solo project of Owen Thomas, Japanese Sweets uses analog oscillators, samples and electronics to create undulating disembodied compositions redolent of past experimenters such as Suzanne Ciani and Cluster; accompanied by video projections incorporating found
footage and video synthesizers to create a unique audio/visual experience.

Dear Serge Presents Izabela Brudkiewicz from De La Warr Pavilion on Vimeo.

Dear Serge reruns to De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sat 15 Nov (12 till 6pm).

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