Win a board game every week in June with Dice Saloon

BN1 has partnered up with Brighton board game centre Dice Saloon to offer five lucky readers one of their Top 5 board games for the summer! The selection includes everything from intense board games to the perfect party starters, including Forbes’ Game of the Year 2017!

The Chameleon was awarded last year’s prestigious Forbes award, and is a game of wits, requiring players to suss out which one of the players is the ‘chameleon’ by using one carefully chosen word each. The chameleon is identified by players selecting which word is the odd one out.

‘Dia de los Muertos’-styled game SKULL also tests players’ bluffing abilities, with players challenged to read signals and pierce through deceptions to expose the ‘rose’, all while avoiding the skull.

Dobble is the lightest game of the bunch, and will test players’ speed, observation skills and reflexes. It’s also suitable for all ages – making it perfect for family fun entertainment.

For the intellectuals out there, COUP is the game for you. Players aim to destroy the influence of all the other members of the game, using secret identities, deduction and deception to ensure they’re the last remaining influence.

After making waves in pubs across Denmark, and voted 2015 Game of the Year in Sweden and Norway, KLASK, the magnetic game of skill, is also up for grabs. Requiring you to control a magnet from under the board, and score the ball in your opponent’s goal, go head-to-head with your friend in a game where fast hands and quick thinking mean everything.

Readers will be able to win one of these games each week, by simply answering the following question:

Q. Which of the following games awards £200 when you pass ‘Go’?

A. Select one from the choices below...

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