Exploring Brighton’s Chinese food scene

With the interesting news that the much-missed Brighton Pagoda Chinese restaurant is being turned into a community hub for young people, it gives us the perfect excuse to see what other options there are for Chinese food in our city.

Ever since 1980, the China Garden restaurant on Preston Street has been wowing customers with an authentic selection of culinary treats from China.

As well as a great dim sum menu that runs from midday until 4pm, this inviting restaurant has commanding sea views that provide the perfect place to enjoy legendary dishes like crispy duck and kung pao chicken – and the inclusion of a live pianist adds a further sense of fun!

Another food outlet that has been picking up some positive reviews is Gars restaurant on Prince Albert Street. This has a pleasant and modern decor and has plenty of traditional Cantonese treats like roast belly pork with pak choi, along with gorgeous seafood dishes like fillet of sea bass with ginger and spring onion.

Although Chinese food might not be synonymous with desserts, Gars also serves up a great toffee banana dish. And with delivery companies like Deliveroo including the restaurant amongst their Chinese takeaway outlets, it’s given us all an easier way to try these delicacies.

Just down the road from China Garden is the Good Friends Chinese restaurant that’s been earning a strong reputation for introducing Brighton’s residents to more unusual treats like marinated duck tongue, deep fried frogs legs, and preserved eggs with pea sprouts.

Whilst some of these dishes might be not best-suited to some more conservative tastes, there’s a growing legion of food reviewers who’ve found that Good Friends represents another valuable addition to the Chinese food scene in Brighton.

And although most of us are familiar with Cantonese cuisine, it’s good to see how the Beijing House restaurant on Queens Road are introducing many of us to the pleasures of north Chinese cuisine.

Although the decor is fairly minimal and they don’t serve alcohol, the Beijing House represents great value for money with dishes with interesting names like ‘haggis soup’ and the ‘Chinese burger’ managing to just about translate some of these lesser-known culinary treats to UK tastes.

So whilst many of us may still be missing the Brighton Pagoda restaurant, it seems that with these Cantonese and north Chinese food outlets all offering plenty of great takeaway options, there’s plenty more delicious Chinese treats to discover.