Phil Jerrod graduated from Brighton Comedy Course in 2012 and was recently signed to one of the biggest agencies in Britain, Off the Kerb. What usually takes most comedians around 8 years to do, Phil has managed in just two. With rave reviews across the country, Phil is making his mark on the comedy circuit;

“Jerrod informs us, deadpan, that he’s the most boring man he knows, then riffs off into a fantastic set of perfectly delivered, perfectly timed and perfectly glorious comedy.” – Broadway Baby.

Maybe it’s his ability to make light of his harsh upbringing, in the ruthless world of middle-class rural Warwickshire. Maybe it’s the fact he has one of the largest beards in stand-up comedy. Either way Phil Jerrod has exploded onto the scene and is definitely one to watch.

Phil mastered his talent with the help of Brighton Comedy Course which runs 3 times a year with a gradation gig at the end of each course. They aim to help individuals find and develop their own natural comedy style. However, these comedy courses are not just for aspiring comedians; they are for anyone who wants to improve their confidence, enhance their public speaking ability and increase their presentation skills.

The next course starts on 4th March so click the link to book your place: