10 of the best things about working in a large office

We all know the benefits of working for a large company versus small, like greater job security and better training, but what about the trivial day-to-day things that only those working in larger offices will know and love?

1. A lively social calendar – there’s always something going on, from birthdays to team drinks, away days to leaving do’s, you’ll never go too long between fun nights out.


2. Office banter – with loads of people working in the same office, there’s a lot of competition among the office entertainers. You’ve got to be quick with your comebacks and have a good sense of humour as the jokes are endless. If you can laugh your way through the working day (where appropriate) you’re doing all right!


3. The food – pizza Tuesday, chocolate Friday, charity bake sale day, Sheila brought loads of sweets back from holiday day… need we go on?


4. Freebies – when you work in a big office, brands and retailers always want to give you stuff as they try and lure the whole office in as potential new customers. Discounts left right and centre, and a few freebies too, oh go on then!


5. The views from the top floor – large offices often mean working in large buildings. Who doesn’t love a great view?


6. Always a shoulder to cry on – whether your best mate let you down, the postman didn’t come, or your cat’s off its food, you can be sure there will always be someone around to moan to over lunch. And there’s usually always someone who’s been there and gets it.


7. Great perks – while it’s not always a given, large offices are usually more switched on in terms of keeping their people happy. Think daily deliveries of fruit, massages and health screenings – we all need a little looking after all.


8. The public vote – should you cut your hair? Should you go out for a beer after work? Should you spend a whole weeks wages on that coat? Quick, yes or no? When you’re being indecisive, casually ask over a workstation where at least five people can hear you. You’ll soon know what to do.


9. Away days – team away days are the best in a large office. A mini bus or two full of people in high spirits, off somewhere exciting for a well-deserved treat. What’s not to love?


10.Taking charity initiatives to a whole new level – any excuse to don outfits, make things out of papier-mâché and compete with colleagues for a good cause. When lots of you pull together to do something amazing, it’s always guaranteed to make you feel proud.


Domestic & General employs 900 people at its Brighton office. For information on the company’s current job vacancies visit http://careers.domesticandgeneral.com.

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