10 Student Apps to Download Right Now

Not spending enough time with your phone in your hand? Here’s a bunch of student friendly apps you might like.

1. Wriggle Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you have to totally skimp on creature comforts and can’t eat out; download Wriggle for discount drinking and dining at a number of locations across the city. All five sit-down branches of Small Batch Coffee Co are included, which are incidentally not only the best study spots outside the library but also great for first dates – perfect if you’ve pulled during Fresher’s Week.

2. B&H tickets You’re a Brightonian now, and probably live somewhere above The Level, so you’ll be bussing it a lot. Get student-price tickets through the app and flash your screen to the driver when you hop on board. Easy peasy.
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3. UniDAYS Finally, student discounts without a price tag. Discounts are usually boosted through fresher’s month, so get in quick for money off clothes, tech and stationery.

4. RefME The best Harvard Reference generator there is. You’ll thank us when you’re drowning in essays and have 761 references in your bibliographies, honestly.

5. Zombies, Run! Because a healthy body = a healthy mind, and running away from zombies heard through your headphones actually makes running fun (and means you don’t even have to sweat the extra cost of the gym).

6. Sweatcoin Sweatcoin converts steps to virtual currency, which you can use to purchase food. We figure you may as well get some freebies out of all of those extra Pokémon Go/Zombies, Run! steps, and besides, who doesn’t like free food?

7. Evernote Never lose your notes again. Handy for recording lectures and jotting down quick ideas and elaborate schemes, and you can share everything with your course mates at the click of a button.

8. TED The very best of talks in Technology, Education and Design. It’s essentially procrastination at its finest, without that crappy “what am I doing with my life?” feeling afterwards.
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9. Rockin Ramen Noodles are synonymous with student food, and everyone’s favourite cartoon cat, Pusheen, has all the cheap ramen recipes you could possibly need in this handy app.
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10. Hash Devour bitesize news over breakfast with Hash, and stay in the loop of the issues everyone’s talking about on Twitter. It’s news, but not as we know it.

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