10 Watches That are Safe for Adrenaline Junkies.

What comes to your mind when you hear or think about wristwatches? Chances are, you picture an athlete looking at the watch as he’s trying to set a personal record or a businessman scrambling to make it because he’s running late for a meeting. That’s common, but modern wrist watches designers offer great and enticing deals than ever before.

Any adrenaline junkie would agree nothing makes a trip memorable and enjoyable than a fully equipped wristwatch as it not only helps one keep track of time but also makes the whole outdoor activity comfortable. It might be overwhelming choosing the right watch that suits your character. Watches are not just simple timepieces, they are long term companions and it’s no wonder many tend to pass them to the next generation.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top 10 watches that you are going to fall for, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast not only considering the looks but also the adaptability and internal features too.

Citizen’s Ecosphere Chronograph-Watch.

This is an ideal wristwatch for any of your outdoor activities. It is equipped with a super-sensitive chronograph capable of measuring up to 60 minutes in every one-fifth increment. The tachometer helps you calculate time and distance accurately. It has a good inbuilt battery and it is water-resistant, making it suitable for any weather.

Casio Pro-Trek Manaslu PRX 8000T.

A combination of a classic and innovative timepiece that you can add to your collection. The watch is equipped with super-sensitive sensors that can measure humidity, temperature, altitude pressure and compass bearing accurately. If you are going somewhere new and you may be required to maintain your compass direction or frequent altitude adjustments—then Casio Pro-Trek is the watch for you.

Adrenaline-Junkie, XXL Chronograph.

If you pay close attention to functionality and safety, then this unique watch is the best companion for your wrist. The bold design with durable and stainless steel enables the watch to adapt to sudden or quick movements without putting pressure on your wrist.

When it comes to features, the watch is water-resistant, its glass is scratch-free, the screen displays both time and date and the runner feature enables you to keep track of your speed. This watch is suitable if you are running or moving fast.

Garmin Tactix.

The stylish design and automatic chronograph features are what makes this masterpiece rank among the best and classic military watches. The whole structure(including the glass) is robust and scratch proof. According to the NanaDC blog, a watch has to possess various characteristics. You should not fall for the outside appearance only. Dig deeper and find out its functionality, features and durability, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast.

When it comes to features, this watch has a sensitive GPS system, incorporating Galileo and GLONASS, which not only helps you determine your current location, but keep a vivid track of all your movements in a challenging environment(terrain). It has other innovative features such as an inbuilt three-axis compass and a barometric-altimeter.

Seiko Men’s SSC-081.

An excellent timepiece equipped with a leather strap making it a good option for any outdoor enthusiast. The battery is rechargeable by solar and it has a sensitive alarm chronograph making it one of the most coveted watches by adrenaline junkies. The combination of modern themes, design and technology helps create a stunning yet subtle appearance that can be used in any environment.

HuckBerry-Nato Automatic. (Diver 300).

Despite numerous features, this watch offers an affordable solution if you love adventurous trips. The robust structure consisting of the shutter and scratch-free features contribute to its safety records. The watch is water-resistant up to depths of 330 m with comfortable strap hence making it an ideal option for adrenaline junkies who like deep diving.

Suunto-Core Brushed Steel.

If you like exploring tough and rugged terrains then this watch was made for you. The firm and scratch-resistant structure ensure the durability of the watch despite constant impacts. Suunto manufacturers have combined functionality with style, making this watch adat any environment too. The watch has additional smart tech features such as GPS and pressure sensors, making it the right outfit for your outdoor activities.

FastTrack 3135 KLO1 Analog.

The dark brown leather strap and the blue display make this watch both adaptable to both adrenaline junky’s life and casual wear when doing any outdoor activity, for instance, the office. The analog display compliments the already available features such as compass, water-resistant and sensitive time calibration system. All these are housed in a robust structure which is corrosion and scratch-free.

Breitling Windrider-Chronomat.

The eye-catching dial display and perfectly aligned metallic straps make up the robust structure of the Breitling Windrider watch. The dual rotating time zone system and the rotating bezel are some of the features that make this watch unique. It is adaptable to any extreme outdoor or daily activity, fulfilling its purpose effortlessly and faultlessly.

Casio PRW 2500-7CR PRO Watch.

The Casio PRW makes a wonderful hiking wristwatch. It still has its traditional shape and design, making it one of the most affordable watches in the market. Key features include durable battery—which can be recharged by solar panel, a compass direction, barometer, thermometer and altimeter. This Casio series has a good shock absorbing qualities and is scratch-resistant too. The only shortcoming feature is a GPS system.

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