Nammie Matthews checks out the brilliant 2100: A Space Novelty as it comes to Brighton Fringe 2019

2100: A Space Novelty at Brighton Fringe – review

Floating in a spaceship somewhere in the big black void, our hapless human thinks he’s alone. His ship, Jane, tells him there’s a 0.0000008% chance of other human life force having survived the destruction of Earth. He’s ready to end it all. Oxygen at 5%.

But the end’s not here yet – in fact, we’ve only just begun. International company Cut Mustard Theatre’s low-fi space extravaganza reached lift off at Brighton Fringe this weekend, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Armed only with a keyboard and excellent costumes (plus a few handfuls of confetti), 2100: A Space Novelty follows an immersive intergalactic battle for universal domination – but will our hapless human hold the key to stopping it, or be instrumental in the final battle? And will he find any new (or old) friends in the process or be doomed to an existence forever alone?

Making full use of physical comedy that goes beyond others of its kind, this troupe of international actors takes audiences on a voyage through space and time with elements of mime, vocal sound effects, live music and origami spaceships.

Think the very best of Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Gravity – but with less QQ and more pew pew (and a tiny portion of the budget).

Having already been nominated for ‘Best Performance’ at Prague Fringe 2018 and won the ‘Pick of the Fringe Award’ at Norway Fringe Festival 2018, this is certainly one to watch once the awards come around.

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