Prevent hair loss

3 Essential Supplements to Boost Hair Growth

Healthy-looking hair is often associated with beauty and good genetics. Some people are prone to early balding because of unlucky genes, but there are ways to help with this. While age, diet, and hormones will affect your hair growth, these three supplements are guaranteed to help improve hair growth and keep your follicles healthy.


Your body needs iron to help the red blood cells move oxygen to other cells that are vital for normal bodily functions. A low level of iron can result in anaemia, but it also causes hair loss. More women are prone to iron deficiencies and need almost twice as much iron per day than men do. Meat-based foods are very high in iron so vegan and vegetarian diets may cause low levels of iron that result in hair loss or thinning.

High doses of iron supplements can be toxic, and research suggests that 45mg a day is the maximum that an adult over 18 can take. It will stimulate and boost hair growth as well as improve some blood conditions. It’s an essential nutrient that your body needs to survive.

Oil Producing

The reason that hair sometimes grows in one area but not another is because of the protein cells of those follicles. There may not be enough blood supply to support the growth of hair, so supplements that help to stimulate those glands to produce oil can benefit some people. Sources of oil that are essential to hair growth have a lot of omega-3. Flaxseed is a great source of natural oil and you can get it in a supplement to provide proteins and nutrients back into your hair.

Another way to stimulate oil production is to extract some hair from one area of the scalp and relocate them to a non-oil-producing follicle. This is called a fue transplant and you can get the procedure done at The Treatment Rooms. This company is the leading hair transplant clinic in London. The Treatment Rooms work with individual patients to give them a full head of hair with their progressive treatment. Managed by a duo of specialised surgeons, this hair transplant clinic promises a quick recovery time.


Commonly found in soy, some vegetables, and oats, biotin is part of the B-vitamin family that helps your body turn food into the energy you need every day. Biotin is effective in stimulating cell growth and producing valuable fatty acids your body needs. It can strengthen nails and skin but can boost hair growth most of all.

Biotin works by helping your hair follicle to produce more oils and nutrients that make the strands of your hair thicker. Because this vitamin-B7 complex supplement helps your skin, your scalp will start to become healthier and you may be able to slow down the progress of any balding conditions.

Hair loss isn’t fun, and it’s often seen as a sign of aging, but with the right vitamins and nutrients through daily supplements, you can improve your hair growth through natural methods.

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