Alloy Wheel

3 Reasons Why We Prefer Alloy Wheels

Once you get into the vicinity of an Essex motoring enthusiast, it will not be long before the pros and cons of alloy wheels versus steel wheels is introduced. When this happens, you will either come up with a good strong argument for or against one or the other, or you will be forced into silence, humbled under the weight of their superior knowledge! Here are some factors that you can use to sway the argument towards your point of view.

Steel is Cheap and Strong!

When alloy wheels are as much as four times more expensive than steel wheels, why would anyone choose them? Especially when it is accepted – and it is! – that alloy wheels can break more easily when driven on rough roads or bounced through large potholes? Surely, say the doubters, there is no case in which alloys are best?

This is your moment to announce not just one or two benefits to alloy wheels, but three of them!

They Look Good!

Alloy wheels were first used on the race track, and they were so stylish and eye-catching that they almost immediately made the jump to mainstream vehicles. Aluminium alloy wheels can be designed into a number of unique shapes and patterns that look fabulous, and all alloy wheels can be polished, chromed or even painted any colour you like, giving your vehicle a very futuristic look. There are even decorative finishes that can make the wheel look as though it is spinning freely, rolling forward faster than the vehicle or even spinning backwards to create a truly space-age look while you zoom down the motorway to your destination.

When Lightweight is a Good Thing

Alloy wheels are very lightweight compared to steel wheels and this gives the whole vehicle a number of advantages – hence their introduction in the cut-throat world of racing where the slightest advantage is seized upon with joy. Having a lighter vehicle – especially in the wheels – is generally better for reducing wear and tear, and it also improves handling and cornering. This is because the weight of the wheels is unsprung weight – it is not softened and spread by the suspension system – which bears down directly on each tyre and, if excessive, can make handling awkward and sluggish. Another advantage of lightweight wheels is that it improves fuel efficiency, again reducing wear and tear, and saving you the money you would spend on extra fuel.


A final advantage to alloy wheels is that they tend to be much better at resisting corrosion, such as rust and salt damage as might be experienced if you live or drive in coastal areas, or even areas where the roads are gritted regularly during cold spells. The salt in the sea-air and grit sticks to steel wheels and causes rust, pitting and other damage that alloy wheels are impervious to.

Try them and see – you will be convinced! If you already feel convinced and look forward to giving your ride a stylish look with new wheels then get Calibre Suzuka Alloy Wheels from Elite Direct Essex at trade prices. This credible showroom offers amazing prices that are a definite steal. Go check now!

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