BN1 chats with… BLOOM

BLOOM are getting ready to play alongside Yumi and the Weather at the upcoming BN1 Presents… night at The Hope & Ruin on Sat 19 March. BLOOM’s energy and excitement will offer up some vocal harmonies, syncopation and synthesisers complimenting YATW’s upbeat and atmospheric writing.

We spoke to BLOOM, to see what’s in store…

You achieved a notable amount of success under the name The Beautiful Word. Was it difficult having to put that on hold during your hiatus?

Em – Yes and no. Yes because we were on a roll, but no because it gave us a chance to think about the direction we really wanted to go in.

Megan – Yeah, it can be hard to let go of a name you’ve been building and we’ve been working super hard for seven years to develop that. There was just a lot of music under that name that I didn’t identify with anymore…

How does it feel to be back with a new sound and attitude?

Em – I love that we have a new attitude.

Megan – These days we try less and it’s easier to make amazing sounds! It had started to feel like work before and now we’re so happy to just be playing again that we do basically whatever we want and have more fun with it than we ever had!

Did the hiatus allow you to re-evaluate the kind of music you wanted to be making?

Em – We spent a lot of time listening to house and new wave music, and playing around with synths. We’ve always been big pop fans. It made sense for us to continue making music that we would like to listen to!

Megan – When we had to break we realised we really needed to play to people for our own mental health really and to be focusing more on what we want rather than what people might like to hear.

You plan to manage both production and distribution yourselves, does this DIY attitude gives you more freedom to express yourself?

Em – YES! It is so liberating, empowering and exciting to have all this ahead of us, and to have the freedom to make the record that we really, really want to make with minimal external pressures or restrictions.

Has the support you’ve received via your Kickstarter campaign surprised you?

Em – To be honest, yes! I had no idea that we were going to even reach our target, never mind surpass it. It means so much and is now a true team effort between both the band members and the fans… you’re all part of the Bloom fam now!

What are the ingredients for a perfect pop song?

Em – Energy. Fun. Truth. And a sprinkling of cheese.

Megan – Finding the thing that everyone doesn’t know they are feeling yet and putting a sound to it. Making people feel saved.

Bloom play BN1 Magazine presents, with Yumi and the Weather, at The Hope and Ruin on Sat 19 March.


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