4 Fun Ways to Motivate Your Workers

4 Fun Ways to Motivate Your Workers

Hard working employees who are passionate about what they do, and the company they work for, are the greatest asset a business has, whatever sector it is in. As every entrepreneur and business owner knows, however, you can’t expect workers to be fully motivated all the time without doing anything about it. With that in mind, here’s a guide to four activities that can make a positive difference when it comes to workforce motivation, and best of all they rely on the carrot approach rather than the stick.

Employee Rewards

If you’re a smart employer, you’ll know the importance of paying your workers a fair wage for the job they do, as this helps with employee recruitment and retention. Your staff will quite rightly see their wage as directly related to the work they do, but you can still wow them by giving them rewards on top of their standard wage. One way to do this is to present monthly prizes for the employee, or employees, of the month. This shows the staff that their efforts over and above their daily duties are not going unnoticed, and it can also help to encourage a friendly sense of competition within the workforce which can bear positive results.

Team Building in the Big City

When you spend every day in the office, you can eventually become jaded, and that’s true whether you’re the business owner, a manager or a general member of staff. That’s why things that allow your staff to meet outside the office, such as a work’s night out, can be such a great idea. Even better is taking your workers on one of the team building activities in London by teamtactics.co.uk. They have a wide range of activities to choose from, including cocktail making classes, Game of Thrones style re-enactments, athletic challenges, and zorbing. The events themselves are fun and designed to get everyone involved, but the fact that they’re held in beautiful locations in London can itself be motivational, as it’s a city built on commerce and innovation.

Treasure Hunting

There are team building exercises to suit your business, however many people you employ, but one that can be particularly useful is a treasure hunt run by the aforementioned Team Tactics. Teams will have to solve a number of cryptic clues to reach the winning location, and the hunt combines this traditional activity with the latest modern technology, as teams receive a GPS tracker and mini iPad which displays the clues as well as their score and progress. It’s a great way to encourage people who may work in different departments to work closely together, and it also helps to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Charity Fundraising

Charity fundraising is a rewarding activity in its own right, as there comes great satisfaction from helping a worthy cause. Organising a charity fundraising event at work can also help to bring your workforce together, which will bring real benefits to the charity and to your business after the fundraising event is over. There are many ways you could raise money for charity – a sponsored cycle on an exercise bike, for example, or asking people to donate fancy dress – and plenty of deserving charities too. Ask your employees what charity they want to support and this too can help to create a workforce that’s happy and dedicated.

When you have highly motivated staff, they’ll work harder, for longer, and they’re also likely to sing the praises of your business to their friends and social media contacts. In this way, your staff could also become a useful additional marketing tool, and motivating them can be as simple as selecting the right team building events, or the right rewards and incentive schemes.

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