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When we groom our hair with an excellent clipper, we get high cutting precision and avoid the possible drawdowns


An excellent performance clipper is the result of continuous proper maintenance.

Do we all agree to this?

Besides, some clippers demand higher maintenance than others to operate at their peak. For instance, most Babyliss clippers are rated low-maintenance and can be forgiving to low care.


In this post, you’ll discover 4 maintenance tips to keep your haircutter at peak performance and in good shape for years to come.

Let’s dive in:

1) Oil The blades Regularly

oil your clippers

Barbering with dry blades can pull the hair mid-cut. This can cause severe injury or ruin the hairstyle you’re trying to achieve

To avoid this:

It’s recommended to oil the blade every 5-10 minutes of clipping. Besides, Proper and prompt lubrication extends blade life and ensures quiet operation. It’s also required for good cutting quality.

To lubricate your blade properly:

Clean the blade with a brush and a clipper spray. After that, wipe the blade dry with a towel. Finally, introduce 2-4 drops of clipper oil to the blade


For clippers with levers, you can also move the lever back and forth for the oil to spread and penetrate deeper.

2) Check And Adjust The Clipper Power Screw

clippers health

Noisy hair clippers make hair grooming uncomfortable. So, when barbering at home and your clipper suddenly starts buzzing loudly, it’s likely that the power screw has loosened out.

To resolve this:

Simply locate the power screw, loosen it a bit, and tighten it carefully until the noise stops. But you don’t have to wait for this to happen. It’s better to check and tighten this screw regularly.


If you don’t know where your clipper’s power screw is located, check the user’s manual to guide you.

3) After Use Deep Clean

cleaning your clippers

Immediately after clipping, it’s important to clean the internal part of your cutting device. This is especially important for the clipper head where hair strands, grime, oil, and dirt are trapped.

To do this:

Disconnect your haircutter from the power source and detach all attachments. Now, unscrew the casing shell to dislodge debris with a brush and clipper spray, alcohol, or aerosol.

Finally, apply an anti-bacterial spray and soak used tapering attachments along with screws in a jar of disinfectant. Leave for 5-10 minutes before screwing everything back in one piece.

4) Align The Blades & Lever Tension Promptly

align your clippers

In the course of taking your clippers apart and putting them back together in one piece, you inevitably misalign the blades


You need to adjust the blades back in place to avoid winding up with a nasty nip on your neck the next time you trim.

To do this:

Loosen the screws holding the blades enough to allow their easy adjustment. Now, hold the lever in a closed position and align the top blade with the bottom blade to be parallel.


Once the blades are in position, tighten the screws back while ensuring that the blades do not shake.


Hair clippers come in different models and designs. So, it’s always better to check your user’s manual to know the blade alignment guide unique to your clipper.

In Conclusion

Taking proper care of your hair clipper is important for hair hygiene. It is also essential to keep your tool in good shape for years to come


I strongly believe that the 4 hair clipper maintenance tips shared above will help you to get the most out of your haircutter.

By the way:

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If you miss anything from the 4 hair clipper care tips shared so far or want to share your clipper care routine with other readers, use the comment box below.

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