The Software Testing Clinic comes to Brighton

Software Testing Clinic (SWTC) provides a safe environment to learn about Testing. The Clinic offers monthly evening sessions for anybody interested in the testing craft; they are run in an interactive way using whiteboard sessions, hands-on exercises and discussions with the whole group as well as in sub teams to deepen our understanding of Testing. You are led through the evening by a team of hosts, supported by more experienced testers who can use and enhance their mentoring skills. Each session is dedicated to a specific topic, ranging from “What is testing?” to “Exploratory Testing”, “Identifying Risks”, “Automation” and many more.

The Software Testing Clinic was founded by Dan Ashby and Mark Winteringham in 2015, in order to fill a gap in the IT landscape – offering accessible training for aspiring testers in a safe environment. In 2017 it partnered with Ministry of Testing a global, but Brighton-based community platform for software testing. Since then the SWTC has expanded to Glasgow, Manchester, Cambridge and now Brighton.

The first session is on Mon 19 Feb 2018, you can register on our page. The first session is about ‘What is Testing?’ and will be held at Platform9.

We’re hoping for your support to make SWTC in Brighton a success! We’d love to reach people interested in getting into a software testing career, testers from all levels but also people from other disciplines like developers, scrum masters or stakeholders. Literally anybody interested in testing can attend – no previous experience is required. Please help us in spreading the word, reach out to any colleagues, fellow testers, friends who might be interested!


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