5 Exciting things to do in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain because of the luxurious lifestyle some people have there. You can find a lot of popular and expensive restaurants and amazing multi-million dollar yachts. It’s also a very popular location for golfers with over 50 golf courses and many great tournaments throughout the year.

It’s a part of Costa del Sol which is famous for its beautiful beaches and you’ll always have great weather so you can visit any part of the year. If you don’t have the budget to drive a yacht, make sure you apply for international license in Spain so you can drive your own car or rent one. This way you will have enough time to see everything that the city has to offer.

The Old Town

Once you arrive in the city, you probably won’t start playing sports right away, so the first location you should visit should be the old town. Some of the houses, churches, and castles are more than 500 years old. It represents very well that area and how modern they were even then. The most important part of it is Orange Square where you can get souvenirs and visit a few great restaurants with local food.

Visit a Golf Course

Before you travel to Spain, you should check if there are any tournaments at the same time as your stay. Even if you are not a fan, these events can be very fun with a lot of famous people attending. The locations are also beautiful and you might be able to have a picnic on part of the field that is accessible. It can be a perfect opportunity to try it out yourself but it will cost you from 30 to 200 euros.

Shopping in Marbella

Another thing you should do is to visit their international shopping center which is the biggest in the area. It not only stores with some of the most well-known brands, it also has a large cinema. La Canada, which is the name of the shopping center, has a big DIY store where you can craft something as a souvenir.

Puerto Banus

If you plan to visit one of the flashiest parts of the city, Peurto Banus is a perfect location with numerous expensive hotels, beaches, and stores. You can compare it to the French Riviera because it is full of luxurious sports cars, superyachts, and boutiques. An issue can be that everything is constantly full and you will need to make a restaurant reservation in advance.

Avenida del Mar

This part of the city is great for long walks where you can stop by and have a drink at the local bars. It has a few sculptures from the 20th century made by Salvador Dali. It’s also very close to the beaches and there are even parking spots if you plan to drive your own car through the city. There are other great locations and things you should visit in Marbella but these are the top picks.

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