5 Independent Coffee Shops for you to visit in Brighton.

So, what is an independent coffee shop?

These are shops that are owned by the person who brews the coffee or the person that is seen around the shop mostly. They are different from High street chain stores such as Starbucks due to the uniqueness each one holds. They have an individuality to them from the décor, theme and activities carried out inside.

Pelicano Coffee Co.

This cool rustic spot provides coffee, pastries and bagel sandwiches in a cosy and relaxed environment. Their first store opened in 2014 in the heart of the Laine. The café is known for their unique coffee blends and flavours as well as the various pastry selections they offer.

The retro style of the place and furniture, vintage cups, the melancholic music in the background, and all this accompanied by the aroma of coffee and different sweets make for the best time.

Moksha Café

This independent café in Brighton does not only serve coffee but also modern British inspired brunch and lunch. The coffee they sell is roasted locally not too far away from home, in a seaside town Littlehampton. Committed to sourcing and serving one of the highest qualities is why they created their own Moksha blend to give customers that distinctive deep, rich taste. Drop into their café and give them a try.

The Coffee Counter

Excellent for vegetarians and vegans, a place that started in 2013 from the owner’s garage, they offer a wide selection of toasties and breakfast for Meat eater, Veggies and Vegans at a fair price. They pride themselves in making coffee and food lovingly from with what is said to be the best local ingredients Sussex Has to Offer. The coffee counter provides great coffee and great food in a laid-back atmosphere.

Black Mocha Brighton.

Black Mocha is an independent modern cafe in the bustling North Laine area of Brighton. They offer locally roasted single origin coffee, brunch, sandwiches, snacks and gluten free bakes and vegan raw cakes. Their signature drink is a dark 70% Madagascan hot chocolate mixed with espresso. Everything is made by the talented crew to give you the original and best Black Mocha experience.


Marwood Bar and Coffeehouse

A place to bring your friends and family to have a relaxed time, staffed by a bunch of coffee ninjas who brew and serve really good coffee. A nice coffeehouse nestled away in the heart of busy Brighton. Great and friendly service, good music, quirky and innovative decor and furniture. The café coffeehouse is also vegan and vegetarian friendly



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