5 Lazy Fixes to Refresh Your Living Room

Redecorating is, let’s face it, a bit rubbish.

Covering up all the furniture, getting your old jeans and t-shirt on and preparing to have small flecks of paint on you for the next few weeks is not the ideal way to spend a weekend. However, revamping a room is a rewarding experience that you’ll get enjoyment from every evening, so what if there was a happy medium?

When it comes to sprucing up your living room, here are five great ways to make a difference that are great for the ‘can’t be bothered’ gang.

A Slip-on for the Sofa

A sofa is a big part of any living room, and a new one costs a hell of a lot, as does reupholstering.

Adding a simple slipcover can do one of two things. Introducing a neutral colour means you can create a blank canvas atop which you can accessorise as you feel fit. On the other hand, you can find a bold colour or patterned cover to refocus the room on your sofa.

Very easy, cheap and effective.

A Coffee Table Change
A coffee table can be the centre piece of the room. After all, it’s usually in the middle of the room, so bringing in a new table can really change the space.

Cox & Cox does a super-stylish range of ‘occasional tables’ that have a real air of subtlety and class about them. With an understated table, you can make changes all year round by decorating with seasonal items that suit you.

Again, a very quick fix, and a bit of retail therapy as well.

Reinvent with a Rug
Like a coffee table, a rug can be the central attraction of the room. A great way to add some comfort and style, rugs are great at pulling together a room, not to mention they’re good at hiding things as well!

While it’s a single purchase, buying the right rug is a tad more complex than you might think, so make sure you check out a helpful guide first.

Get Painting
If you do fancy putting a bit of craft into your relaxed-revamp, you can pick up a paint brush and make some colour changes.

This could be giving the walls a lick of paint with a new colour splash or a liven up of your current scheme. If that seems a bit full on, what about touching up any wood furniture you have in the room?

There are some great ways to reinvent your chairs that will switch up the look of your living room.

Go Green
House plants come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to freshen up the air in the living room and give a natural, healthy boost to the space.

From a mini-tree in the corner to some tiny succulents scattered around the room, you’ve likely got a trendy plant shop near you that can provide you with some cool, uplifting additions.

When it comes to refreshing your living room, as little as a quick shop online can be enough to give you a new look, so don’t be afraid to take a few shortcuts if you don’t have the time for a full redecoration.

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