5 reasons why online games are revolutionizing the world

Online games are a huge part of our lives today with people of all ages playing them to relax. But they are not just meant to be a favourite pastime, they can actually have a huge impact on the world as a whole, affecting many domains. In order to showcase the power of online games, from smartphone games to slots deposit bonuses and video games to even VR games, we made a list of the top 5 reasons why they will revolutionise the world.

  1. Life mimics art– while usually art mimics reality the opposite can be just as true. In 2009 a Japanese light novel series appeared, and it was made into manga, an anime as well as several games to play online. This series was called Sword Art Online and it was about how people were buying head gear and hardware that could support the best online games and were going into this hyper realistic VR world. While when this game appeared it looked kind of science fiction to be able to control a game with your mind and move freely and use your abilities in a game, things are going into that direction in real life. VR is growing tremendously, and we might actually get there eventually.
  2. Social cohesion– a great thing about online gaming is that it brings people together. Through huge games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, League of Legends etc people from all around the world have the means to connect with each other. This type of games has even helped people get together romantically, not just made great friendships.
  3. Mobile revolution– the era of computers was epic, but now smartphones have taken over. Online games are part of the reason why there are a lot more smartphones than computers in the world. Mobile devices have come a long way and they too have had to transform to give people ease of access to their favourite games.
  4. A new sport is born: e-sports. Games have led to another amazing things and that’s the birth of a new sport. E-sports is basically a way to play online games to win money and become famous while doing what you love. People are so obsessed with playing games that they want to watch tournaments of LOL, Hearthstone etc online or go to the actual venue just like they would with football for example. E-sports are a huge industry that’s in full bloom right now.
  5. New skills. Online games can also help users learn new skills. Just as children learn better through games and by having fun, so do all people. By playing you can improve your brain functions massively, but you can also learn new languages, learn even physical things by practising after seeing them in games, you can focus better etc.

There are many more reasons why online games are and will always be revolutionising the world. Play more to find out the rest 😊

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