5 Simple Tips to Get your Daily Greens

Specialists recommend that we eat AT LEAST five servings of fruit and vegetables each day to keep healthy and energized, but what exactly does this mean?

If you’re imagining yourself drowning in a sea of lettuce or continuously munching on steamed broccoli all day long, you should dial it down. We know ‘five servings’ sounds impressive and makes you wonder if you’ll ever feel the amazing taste and flavor of cooked meat again, but it’s actually not as bad.

Veggies are easy to introduce in your daily diet if you do a bit of effort to accommodate your habits. And don’t start thinking that it’s too hard to change now.

Vegetables have tremendous benefits for our health, starting with a reduced risk of cardiac diseases, a healthier brain and digestive system, and moving on to leaner bodies and a lot more energy during the day.

So stop complaining and have a look at these five simple tips that can help you turn your diet green.

#1: Keep a Food Diary

This is recommended in many other situations, not just when you’re trying to include more veggies in your diet.

For instance, a food diary is recommended when you’re trying to lose weight, or when you’re working on building muscles. But it’s also helpful if you have certain dietary limitations.

Ultimately, such a diary can help you keep track of greens consumption throughout the day so you’ll know where you need to increase your intake.

#2: Learn to Make Delicious Salads

A salad doesn’t have to be tasteless or boring! There are plenty of delicious and amazing-looking salads you can try that don’t require any heavy dressings and are perfectly safe for your health and silhouette.

Not to mention that, once you discover the wonderful world of salads, you will be charmed by its diversity and flexibility. After all, with a bit of creativity you can put together a tasty salad with things you already have in the fridge.

#3: Add Powdered Greens in your Diet

Given that not all greens are tasty and we don’t have access to all the exotic variations in a fresh format, there is a wide range of super greens powder available on the market to fill this gap.

This way, you get to bring diversity to your diet without having to munch on veggies all day long. Some of the greens found in powders are extremely beneficial for your health, and you wouldn’t necessarily eat them in fresh form because they taste like soap; such as alfalfa and spirulina.

The cool thing about powders is that you can include them in any type of food starting with juices and smoothies and ending up with pancakes and soups.

#4: Make Green Smoothies

Speaking of smoothies, vegetables can easily be transformed into a delicious, drinkable format. However, you shouldn’t give up on eating them in raw form because when you put them in a blender, you destroy some of the fibers that are so useful for the digestive process.

The cool thing about smoothies is that you can combine fruits and vegetables, to make the taste more tolerable. Of course, there are other ingredients that go great in a smoothie such as yoghurt, juice, or spices (cinnamon is a great example).

Still, it’s important to reduce the quantity of fruits because they bring plenty of fructose, and it’s easy to overdo it when it’s in a drinkable format.

#5: Half of Your Plate should be Veggies

Veggies bring color and texture to your plate, but they also help visually increase the size of your portion without adding too much on calories. It’s also a way to stay full for longer and reduce those pesky cravings.

So don’t be shy when it comes to adding vegetables as a side dish! After all, specialists recommend that half of your plate should be represented by greens, in raw or cooked format.


As you can see, green powders represent an option, but you should never remove the green vegetables from your diet! Not only that, in green form, they bring plenty of fiber and help maintain your gut health. It’s also important to know that some valuable nutrients are lost in the processing of powders.

On the other hand, powders do bring diversity to your nutrition choices, so make sure to not give them up either. Find the balance that works for you and don’t stop working on your health!

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