5 tips for Healthy Foodies

1. Eating seasonally can be a great way to increase variety in your diet. HisBe and Infinity Foods stock delicious varieties of Sussex apples during autumn which can be much more exciting and affordable (as they’re seasonal) than your usual supermarket lot.

2. Get back to basics with some activity thrown in for good measure – find out what it takes to get your food to your plate in the first place: check out your local allotments and see about growing your own. Not sure if you’re ready for The Good Life just yet? Why not learn the basics by helping out at a local community garden.

3. Sure, you love eating out, but upping your cooking skills at home saves you £££ and you don’t necessarily feel obliged to eat it all – saving you money on dinner and potentially the next day’s lunch. Why not challenge yourself to try out a new recipe each month? You’ll likely find new things that you enjoy and potentially some new favourites too.

4. Want fresh, local and free? Get up on the Downs and go blackberry-ing – they should be hanging around until November. Did you know there was a local orchard up at the Racehill as well? They have regular open days and as the trees grow the fruit is good to go – as local as it gets!

5. Love your food and want to get active, meet new people and save precious food from going to waste? Check out the Sussex Gleaning Network to find out how you could help.

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