5 Tips to Keep Healthy if You’re Avoiding the Gym

When you think about it, gyms are probably the worst environments to contain the spread of illness. They’re like bacterial and viral trading posts, each member picking up whatever the last person left on the equipment five minutes ago, and usually without a second thought. As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread throughout the world, it’s no surprise that more and more are closing each day. Unfortunately for us, they play an integral role in the lives of many people, but that’s not to say we can’t keep fit in the meantime. Here are five tips for keeping fit and healthy outside of the gym. 

Work out at home

If and when the gyms finally close, working out at home will still be a viable option in keeping fit. Whether you try press-ups, sit-ups or anything else you can think of, exercising within the comfort of your home will keep your fitness chugging along ’till things get back to normal. You might not have the same equipment at home, nor that blaring UK Top 40 playlist to keep you motivated, but then you won’t have any bellowing, 15-stone meat-heads putting you off either. A positive outlook is key. 


As we’re barraged with Coronavirus news stories throughout each day, slipping into a boggy mire of pessimism can become all too easy. It’s important that we keep our heads clear and healthy throughout the coming months, so as not to be consumed by a perennial state of Coronanxiety. If you haven’t the space available to be exercising at home, short periods of meditation throughout the week can help keep your mind healthy at least, sustaining a positive outlook on life and benefitting you in the long-run when we all get through this.

Keep your diet on track

Most of us have already seen the images of cleared out supermarket shelves, the videos of alterations over the last packet of dried penne, but an exclusive diet of pasta and UHT milk won’t be enough to keep us all going. It’s important we continue to digest the right amount of nutrients to help fend off the virus, whist also making sure we have enough to go around. If your local is cleared out, try broadening your search to relieve the strain. 

Get out if you can

If you’re passed the period of self-isolation or feel healthy enough to get out, then why not try going for a run or a walk to keep yourself active. Luckily for us, we’re now reaching that time of year when the days get longer and the air gets warmer. If you still want to avoid people, why not try going for a morning jog along the seafront, or a sunset stroll up in the Downs; you might just catch a sunset to remind you things aren’t so bad after all.    

Don’t run yourself into the ground

It’s understandable that we want to keep active, but there comes a time when general health must take priority over fitness. Overworking your body can lead to exhaustion, weakening your anatomic defences and priming you for a worse illness than you would’ve otherwise had. If you’re feeling under the weather, let the exercise go for a while, you can always pick it back up once you’re feeling better. 

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