5 Ways to Live Like a Celebrity on a Budget

In our economy, it’s a good idea to be prudent in terms of your finances, but that can be hard for some people, especially those who want to live like the celebrities they look up to. However, it is possible to live a luxurious life on a limited budget. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Play the Celebrity Bingo

Do you love playing Bingo? Do you love celebrities, live bands, and cabaret? If so, you’d love to play the celebrity Bingo in Brighton. You pay a small fee to play Bingo, and prizes include luxury hotel stays, dining in top restaurants, meetings with celebrities, and VIP seats to awesome cabarets.

Even if you are nowhere near Brighton, check out local events featuring celebrities. Many of them are more approachable than you think, and sometimes, top hotels and restaurants do raffles, sweepstakes, and lotteries with non-monetary gifts. If you are lucky, you may be the next person to have a celebrity experience for peanuts.

Be a House Sitter and Get Paid to Stay in Luxury Homes

What is one of the biggest costs of living like a celebrity? Affording to live in those large, luxury homes, right? But what if you could actually get paid to live in large luxury homes? The thing is, most celebrities have many houses, and they can live in only one of them at any given time. The others still need to be taken care of when they are away. You can be a house sitter and get paid to live in empty luxury homes. If you have the time and location freedom, give it a try.

Get Custom-Designed Jewelry Cheap

Custom designed jewellery used to be prohibitively expensive, something only celebrities can afford. Nowadays, thanks to internet and competition, you can get custom designed jewellery much more cheaply, there something for all budgets. And you can enjoy having something unique to you, no one else has!

Become a Gentlemen Host and Cruise on a Budget

Many cruise ships cater to the 40+ market and mostly women. This creates a problem for cruise lines because when they play music and women want to dance, there are not enough men to dance with all the women. So, cruise lines recruit gentlemen hosts, men 40-68 who can dance ballroom dances like the foxtrot, tango, and waltz and who can be sociable and personable and help the staff entertain guests. In exchange, they get to enjoy the cruise for deep discounts, usually dimes on the dollar.

Master the Art of Barter and Trade

Another thing you can do to live well on a budget is mastering the art of bartering and trade instead of making cash transactions for everything you use. And you don’t have to barter and trade using your own products or services either. You can be the deal broker between other business owners. Almost every business has something that they can trade for deep discounts. Most hotels run on average at or below 50 percent occupancy rates year round, except during peak holidays. Most radio or TV channels can’t sell all their advertising spots, except at peak times. So, if you talk to business owners, see what they are buying with the money they charge, what they need most right now, what they are willing to barter with, you can broker deals to get lots of free stuff for yourself, or at least receive deep discounts.

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