5 Ways You Can Start Composting in Brighton & Hove

This week marks National Composting Week in the UK, so we’ve compiled a few ways you can get involved in composting in Brighton & Hove.

Whether you’re a fully-fledged environmental activist, forearm still sore from that Extinction Rebellion tattoo, or just a concerned observer who thought last summer was a bit too hot, chances are you’ve probably asked yourself: what can I do to slow down global warming? Such small and insignificant individuals at the bottom of a seemingly insurmountable challenge, we often feel powerless to make any palpable change, but certain subtle changes to our lifestyles can really make a difference. Composting is a good start.

Every-time organic waste gets carted off to a landfill site, an unfortunate emission of methane is produced, contributing to the greenhouse effect and warming up the planet. By allowing our food waste to decompose above ground in a compost bin, the oxygen in our air is able to break-down the waste matter aerobically, greatly reducing the emission of harmful methane gas whilst creating a natural and potent fertiliser at the same time.

It’s estimated that composting at home for one year can save the same amount of greenhouse gasses produced by a kettle in 12 months or a washing machine in three. Just by throwing your food away in the right bin! As the landfill sites pile up higher every day, the need to get composting becomes ever-more immediate. From coffee grounds to apple cores, nearly all of our food waste can be composted; it’s an inexpensive and effective way of getting rid of waste. Here are five ways you can start composting in Brighton. 

At home

Composting in your own backyard is easy, all you need is a designated area of your garden to get your pile started and you’re away. Some like to heap their compost straight onto the ground for a direct connection with Mother Earth, but a tub will also do just fine. Try to keep a mix of green and brown materials – vegetable scraps and dead plant trimmings to name two – as together they will really help your compost thrive. 

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership

If a garden with room for a compost pile is not something you have at your disposal, the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership offers a community scheme whereby people dispose of their organic waste in communal heaps, located in parks, allotments and community gardens around the city. The BHFP currently supports nearly 40 compost schemes, with over 1500 Brighton households taking part. If this is something which interests you, get involved today!

Start your own community compost

If you’re fortunate enough to have the room for a large heap in your garden, why not start your own communal compost location. Due to a lack of council funding and expanding interest in compost, many communal sites are now oversubscribed and unable to take on new members. Opening up your own, even if just for a few friends to use, can really help the community out. Try advertising on social media to get yourself started.


If you’re living on the 13th floor of an apartment building, composting might be a little trickier. If you can get up there, why not start your own composting site on the roof. It might take squaring with your landlord first, but a small tub of organic waste on the roof would be better than none at all. Plus, on the roof, you won’t have to worry about any pesky creatures getting involved. 

Brighton Farmer’s Market

Should you be entirely devoid of any space to get a compost heap going, the Brighton Farmer’s Market offers a collection service for your organic waste. Keep your food scraps in a tightly sealed container, then, on the day of the market, take it down to the drop off point and hand all your eggshells and potato peelings over. The collectors will be happy to take them off your hands (depending on availability at certain times). 

National Composting Week UK takes place from Mon 16 Mar 2020. 

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