Jacky & Friends comes to Brighton’s The Arch on Sat 11 May 2019

Jacky & Friends comes to The Arch

After a short hiatus, The Arch are bringing back the enviable talents of Jacky to Brighton & Hove. From gifted bedroom DJ to mainstay of European dancefloors, he lights up any club lucky enough to host him.

Hitting the top of the Beatport charts a number of times and attracting support from key stars like Skream, Jamie Jones and Marco Carola, his rhythmically layered style has made him one of the most in -demand talents to emerge from the British scene in recent years.  As a passionate drummer, everything this goofy Geordie does starts with the kicks and hits. From there he builds up the vibes with versatile styles that reach into disco, tech and deepness as required. It’s the same story in the studio, where Jacky lays down the sort of big hearted, high impact sounds he gets off on when getting down. He’s done so on VIVA, DFTD, Repopulate Mars, FFRR, Elrow Music and many others, always with a unique sense of character.

This month he brings hit records and a few friends to Brighton’s The Arch, including the producers of  this summer’s sure-fire anthem I Feel It – Leftwing:Kody!

Main Room:





Lewis Clayton


The Garden:

Jack Castell b2b Suat b2b Zac Harris

(all night long)

Jacky & Friends comes to Brighton’s The Arch on Sat 11 May 2019


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