6 easy cocktails for when the kids go to bed

Let’s say some facts here. Being a parent is hard! With all the responsibilities of being an adult, all the pressures to raise your kids right, and all of the other problems that can crop up for parents every single day, sometimes we all need to unwind with a great drink If your bar crawling days are behind you and you fancy something a little more fun than a beer or wine, then here are some of the easiest cocktails that you can mix at home.

  1. A Nice Manhattan

Let’s keep it simple for this one, because all you need is whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters to create a Manhattan that will still hold up in your household. Just like it has held up in households and bars all over the world. It’s a quick drink to fix and you have a nice strong flavour, and it also goes down smoothly.

Plus, with three ingredients, you can make a big batch of this and then throw on some Netflix to wind down at the end of the day. 

  1. A Hot Toddy

Of course, another good cocktail is not only one that takes the edge off of the day, but also one that makes going to bed a little easier. A Hot Toddy is one of those drinks that will do both of those things and can allow you to slow down and warm yourself up after a long cold day. You just need whisky, sugar, hot water, and some spices or fruits to add the flavour that you like.

Plus, it can also be used to help you sleep and can even help you recover after being sick. Fun fact; legend has it that the Hot Toddy was one of the first uses of liquor to be a medical aid. It would numb pain and soothe a sore throat, so you might want to try it that way! Certainly better tasting than your cough medicine!

  1. A Coconut Highball

While you might have coconut water to quench your thirst after a long workout or after a busy day, try combining scotch and coconut water for a deliciously refreshing cocktail. Combining the drink with ice, lime, and some soda water gives you that scotch and soda feel with a tropical taste!

  1. An Old Fashioned

Much like the Manhattan, this drink is easy, tasty, simple, and a staple in both home bars and real bars across the world. If you want a nightcap, don’t reinvent the wheel, but instead take your favorite bourbon or whisky, and just add bitters, sugar, and ice. Then you’ve got a fancy nightcap that you can drink anytime the world gets a little too tough. Plus, you know what they say: The old fashions never go out of style, and that is true for this drink! 

  1. New York Sour

Well, we’ve got two drinks on this list named for the city that never sleeps, but the New York Sour will put you right to bed because it has the classic combination of spirit, citrus, and sugar. Plus, the original recipe calls for egg white which not only soothes the drink, but also gives you a little protein. And it’s also an excuse to drink one more before bed… because protein is good for you right?

  1. Lavender Honey Cream

You and your kids might use lavender scented items as a sleep aid, but they are also perfect for drinks! While this drink does have a vodka base, the other ingredients such as lavender honey syrup and heavy cream along with an egg white will send you into a relaxed state that you won’t need to worry about. Plus you can also add a few lavender blossoms on top in order to give yourself some aromatherapy to boot!

Rest And Recharge With These Cocktails

Whether you want to spend time in your significant other’s arms while sipping this cocktail or you want to binge watch a new series or an old sitcom, having one of these six cocktails is certainly going to make your nighttime even easier and will also ensure that you get a good night’s rest for a long day of being a parent tomorrow!

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