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6 Precautions You Must Take While Making Kratom Tea At Home

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is an all-natural herbal remedy that grows in the forests of Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries as a natural source of medication and stimulation. Kratom is gaining real traction in recent years due to its ability to help with various ailments, from pain relief to energy boost. It is so popular now that it appears in many forms, such as capsules, powders, teas, and even gum.

Kratom capsules or tablets are indeed simple to take and measure out. Besides, It is also affordable for your pocket. However, Kratom powder is the best choice if you want immediate effects and good value for your money.

Some people find it hard to consume powder because of its strong taste. Don’t worry; there are ways to make this better. One of them is to brew Kratom tea. You can enjoy making kratom tea recipes in the morning or any other time.

best Kratom Tea recipe

Today, we will help you make the best Kratom Tea recipe without having bitter flavor. There’s no need for fancy ingredients or expensive ones. You can buy Kratom online or grow your Kratom leaves at home.

However, you might think it’s easy to brew kratom tea, but even small mistakes can cause problems that will ruin the whole Kratom tea recipe. However, you can get the most out of your kratom tea by following simple tips and precautions.

Precautions To Take While Making Kratom Powder Tea At Home.

Always add a Sweetener.

Kratom powder may be good for you in many ways, but it doesn’t taste enjoyable. Most people don’t like the taste of Kratom powder, so they take it by “tossing and washing.” This means you quickly put some Kratom powder in your mouth and wash it down with water.

This method could be better because you have to take it several times in the same way to get the recommended daily dose. Since it is chalky, it will stick to the top of your mouth and leave you with a bitter taste all day.

You should add natural sweeteners to cover the bitter taste when making Kratom tea. You can choose from honey, maple syrup, sugar, or agave juice.

Add an Acidic component.

Although the beneficial active compounds in Kratom leaf may resist relatively high temperatures, they may start to degenerate. Therefore Kratom powder becomes less potent when exposed to high heat for an extended period. This is a crucial step when brewing kratom tea.

The alkaloid breakdown reaction might get slowed down, and Kratom tea’s flavor improved by adding an acidic ingredient, such as lemon juice, orange juice, or apple cider vinegar. You should also know that the bitter taste of your Kratom tea will be less intense the more hot water you add.

Since the water quantity will be very high, you’ll have to drink the whole cup to get the full benefits as usual.

Put the Right Dosage

This may be the most crucial part of the process: figuring out the correct dose. If you’ve never taken Kratom as a supplement before, brewing Kratom tea is a great way to enjoy its benefits more subtly.

To get all the benefits, you need to take the right amount. A serving of about 2.4 grams will be enough if you’re a beginner. Also, take up to two doses in 24 hours. Generally, if you’re new to Kratom, start with low doses, and watch how your body reacts.

If you think you can handle more, go for it. Moreover, small doses of Kratom powder are the best way to feel its effects. Kratom alkaloids, the chemicals that make Kratom work, don’t work when the temperature is very high.

They are stable at high temperatures but lose their power when it gets too hot or cold. Also, it would help if you didn’t boil Kratom leaves or powder when you pour boiling water from a kettle. To make your own Kratom tea, it’s best to use water that has been boiled and then left to cool a bit or just hot water that has yet to boil.

Avoid Over Boiling Water

The alkaloids in Kratom are what give it its health benefits. Thus, brewing Kratom tea in very to water might get these alkaloids destroyed, making Kratom tea much less effective. Give your hot water a few minutes to cool down to get the most out of your botanicals.

Kratom tea will only taste good and have beneficial effects for up to five days. Keep this in mind when making Kratom tea to store.

Don’t Stir Improperly

Kratom powder tends to clump up in hot Kratom tea. It is a common problem for anyone learning to make kratom tea with powder. You may need to use tools to dissolve the stickiest clumps and improve the taste of your Kratom powder tea. These tools can be a small whisk, a Matcha tea whisk, or even an electric frother wand.

Avoid using any Strains.

There are different ways to make tea; you can use it for many different things and at different times of the day. To make kratom tea, you must choose the right kratom strain first. A stimulating strain like white and green strains can boost energy levels during the day.

For a quiet midnight drink, red vein tea might be better. Understanding why the reason behind consuming tea is a good place to start with any kratom tea recipe.

Different Kratom Tea Recipes

Crushed Leaf Kratom Tea

One of the best ways to prepare Kratom tea is from crushed leaves. Instead of being ground into a fine Kratom powder, crushed leaf kratom is broken into small pieces. Besides, they can be steamed or steeped quickly to make a perfect cup of Kratom Tea.

You don’t even have to mixture simmer it much. Crushed leaf kratom can be consumed the same way as Yerba Mate by pouring hot water over it and drinking Kratom tea through a special straw called a Bombilla.

If you can’t get a Bombilla, you can make your kratom tea with a coffee filter or a french press. When you add water to crushed kratom leaf alkaloids, they dissolve quickly. Many people find crushed leaf kratom much more full, smooth, and pleasant than raw powder.

Kratom Tea Bags

Sometimes preparing Kratom tea from fine powder comes with a lot of hassle, as using powder or tea leaves can be messy. Thus, using kratom tea bags can e an excellent alternative, which is much easier for Kratom users.

These work just like other tea bags. Just put the Kratom tea bags in mugs and fill them with very hot water, not boiling water. The kratom tea bags should steep for 3 to 5 minutes until they turn the usual amber. Thus your hot drinks are ready to be served.

Add honey or other desired flavorings, and you have the perfect cup to enjoy.

Kratom Lemon juice Tea

The Lemon Tek get often recommended to be used with ice cubes. People think this is the best way to get the red bubble effect. The citric acid in lemon helps Kratom strains break down faster so its alkaloids can be absorbed more easily.

The easiest way to do the lemon Tek is to squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon into your tea before it starts to simmer. If you don’t have fresh lemons, you can also use lemon juice kept in the fridge.

Herbal Teas

There aren’t many benefits that you cannot get from a good Kratom Tea. Add some warm, fragrant spices and other herbs to your Kratom tea. It can help boost your mood enhancement and help with pain relief.

Herbal teas are not like your regular gritty tea. They add very mild effects with no bitter flavor. Moreover, you can add the Green Tea bag to your Kratom Tea to get the daily dose of morning boost. Since the Green tea bag is rich in polyphenols and catechins, it may help fight cancer, genital warts, and obesity.

Kratom Iced Teas

Iced tea is an excellent choice if you like your tea cold rather than hot. This recipe will take you up to five minutes to make. You need ready-made kratom tea for this recipe. The brewing process involves adding thin slices of ginger to the hot kratom tea and leaving it for three to five minutes.

Pour everything into a jug, add some honey, and stir until the honey gets completely dissolved. Pour the juices you want into the jar and let it cool down. The last step is to put ice in a large glass or cup and pour the liquid inside. Please wait a few seconds to cool down and enjoy your iced kratom tea.

You can store the tea for up to a week, and it won’t give you any upset stomach, just a very mild effect.

Where To Buy Kratom Tea From?

Even though Kratom is generally safe, buying it from a trustworthy brand is essential. Ensure the seller buying Kratom supplements brings it in from Southeast Asia. Also, ensure their products have been tested in a lab to see how well they work.

Many brands or shops sell a wide range of Kratom products at prices that are easy on the wallet. Many brands don’t care about their customers’ safety and sell cheap products that aren’t safe. So, be careful and make sure the brand of herb you buy is genuine.


To conclude, what is kratom tea good for? Kratom tea is good for your mental and physical health as it can give you more energy and make you feel less anxious. Users must do research, compare different brands, choose a reliable brand, and then buy the products.

Lastly, always talk to your doctor before taking any health-related products. You should speak to a doctor if you have a health problem or are taking medicine that could interact poorly with Kratom.

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