6 Reasons Why All Care Homes Need Wheeled Hoists

Mobile hoists are a terrific aid for care homes around the UK. They help caregivers safely transfer patients from one place to another, minimising the risk of an accident. There are plenty of benefits that these mechanical devices offer. This article will discuss some of them in more detail.

Here are six reasons why all care homes need wheeled hoists. From enhanced comfort to minimised risk, this guide covers it all.

Helps People With Mobility Issues

There are over 11 million people in the UK who has a disability. For some, this makes daily tasks like bathing, moving, and eating a lot more challenging. This is one of the reasons why wheeled hoists are a terrific aid. They help people who suffer from mobility issues.

Wheeled hoists are free-standing pieces of equipment that are easy to move around a room. They aid patients by transporting them in a harness or a swing from one location to another. By assisting the patient’s movement, the hoist helps to minimise the risk of injury. Patients can rely on the hoist for support, which can prevent them from falling over.

Provides Comfort

Wheeled hoists provide comfort for patients. For some, the prospect of moving from their bed to a chair can be very physically demanding. It can put a lot of strain on their legs, and for some, movement can cause a lot of discomfort. Luckily, a wheeled hoist can minimise that burden.

The patient is supported by a harness/sling suspended from the device’s arm. The support is often made from a comfortable material that gently helps the patient and makes the transition a lot more comfortable. If your patients are struggling to feel comfortable in your residence, turn to the internet to seek advice on what you can do to help.

There Are A Variety To Suit Different Needs

Another great feature of wheeled hoists is there is a lot of different varieties to suit a multitude of patients’ needs. Take a look at this article from the NHC Group which goes into more detail about the different types of wheeled hoists available. Some can be customised to further suit the needs of your patients.

It is advised that you take a look at the different types of mobile hoists to help you find the best one for your care home. Stationary hoists are usually mounted on a floor or wall. They are used to help patients sit up and lie down. On the other hand, wheeled hoists are a lot more mobile, and you can cover a large area by moving patients from one place to another.

Makes Transitions A Lot Safer

If a patient has mobility or balance issues, transitioning from one place to another can be risky. Not only could the patient injure themselves by falling over, but caregivers are also putting themselves at risk by attempting to lift patients that may be heavy. This can often result in injury.

This is another excellent benefit that wheeled hoists can offer. They help make transitions a lot safer. The patient can gain support from the device while caregivers can seek comfort knowing that the patient is at ease, safe and easy to move from one place to another. Both patients and caregivers no longer have to see transitions as a difficult task. Not only do hoists minimise risk, but they also can help patients feel more at ease.

Takes Strain Off Busy Caregivers

It has been reported that 71% of carers have poor physical or mental health. The job is one that is highly demanding, and it can certainly start to take its toll on people. This is why devices like wheeled hoists are necessary as they help take the strain off busy caregivers.

Rather than lifting patients and attempting to transport them themselves, they can use the hoists for support which also helps minimise the risk of injury. Lifting patients can often cause back injuries, which can end up putting caregivers out of work for a while. Using devices like wheeled hoists can certainly assist caregivers in their roles and help them complete their daily tasks safely.

Eases Patients Mobility Worries

Often, patients with mobility problems can feel stressed and worried when they need to be mobile. The thought of getting out of bed or sitting at a table can be physically demanding but also mentally demanding too. Therefore, devices like wheeled hoists can help take this stress away.

Patients no longer have to worry about how they will transition from one place to another. They can rely on the device for support. Many care home patients can struggle with their mental well-being when they have mobility issues. If your patients are going through a difficult time, you can learn how to improve their mental well-being by conducting some research and seeking advice from online resources.

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