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6 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Boiler for your Home

An efficient heating system, more importantly, a boiler is your savior during cold days. A boiler uses and burns gas to heat water, which is necessary during winter. It’s extremely necessary to invest in a competent boiler to ensure longevity and durability factors. It’s actually very stressful to shop for a boiler because it’s extremely expensive and buying an appliance like this means a major investment that should last for years.

While online shopping is raging right now, a few shoppers still prefer buying their boilers the traditional way. But you should know that online stores now are just as reliable and efficient. In fact, you can find great deals that can save you a lot of money. You can read more here if you’re planning to look and purchase a boiler online, where you also get the benefit of added delivery and installation, completing the entire process for you. But before you invest in a boiler, consider the following factors.

Type of boiler

Before purchasing a boiler, you need to understand its types to make the right decision. There are three main types.

  • Combi boiler – Also known as a combination boiler, this type doesn’t require a storage tank and is flexible in heating water according to your preference.

  • Conventional boiler – Requiring both a cold-water storage tank and a hot water storage tank, a conventional boiler stores hot water to be used later. Also known as a heat-only boiler, this type is used in homes with more people and bathrooms that face high demand.

  • System boiler – Also catering to the high demand and supplying water to more than one bathroom, a system boiler doesn’t take more space and is preferable over a conventional boiler. It also doesn’t require a storage tank.

Choosing the brand

Since boilers are expensive, you need to research a lot before choosing one. With numerous trusted, as well as unreliable brands selling boilers in the market, you need to conduct thorough research on the trusted brands. Check numerous customer reviews and list down the brands that have the best ratings according to your budget. Even if you need to pay a little bit extra for a branded appliance, you should consider it because it’s all about safety and reliability.

Size and dimensions

From all boiler types vary in function and assembly, they come in different sizes and dimensions. If you’re part of a small family and consider installing a large boiler, it’s simply a waste of money, whereas using a small boiler in a large family can damage it sooner than anticipated. To choose the right size of boiler, consider factors such as the number of bathrooms in your home, the number of people in your family, usage frequency, and the space required to fit the appliance.

After sales support

Buying and installing a boiler is one thing, but considering its maintenance and getting it checked every now and then is important as well. Manufacturers claim that incorrect boiler installation can do more harm than the composition or the functioning of the appliance. Even if you’ve paid maximum attention in using the boiler as carefully as possible, you might end up paying for the damage. Hence, it’s important to appoint an efficient engineer for after sales support that will look for and avoid potential damages to save your money.


Investing in a low priced boiler can result in further payments for damages or repairs. It can also lead to dangerous or fatal situations that can otherwise be avoided. If you can’t afford a branded and appropriately priced boiler, you shouldn’t hop on to a cheaper option. The cost of the boiler depends on the guarantee provided, its longevity factor, provision of aftercare service, controls to be used, cleaning and maintenance factors and whether the company is offering an installer for installing and maintenance or not.

Counting money


Replacing the old school boiler with a new gas condensing model saves a lot of money on bills and maintenance factors. An energy-efficient boiler can result in a bill cut by almost $500 in a few months, which is a major cost-saving factor. The escaped hot gases release heat that is captured by the heat exchanger, trapping and recovering more heat than usual.

Even if your old boiler works so far, you can consider replacing it with a modern, condensing boiler that saves money on bills and increases efficiency. Installing a good model will not only increase the comfort and functionality in your home, but will also increase your property’s value if you decide to sell it.

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