7 Reasons to Keep Two Mobiles for Work and Personal Use

No matter what kind of job you’re in, keeping productivity levels up and working to the best of your ability is essential. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing millions of people to work remotely, keeping communication lines open between other colleagues and the boss is more important than ever.

Using a mobile phone is vital for staying in touch with your workforce, responding to problems, and improving customer service. While some people use one mobile phone for personal and professional reasons, others prefer to keep things separate. If you are undecided on whether to splash out on another mobile device, here are some reasons why having two mobiles can benefit you.


One of the main reasons why you should have two separate phones for business and pleasure is privacy. If you need to use specialist software in your job, this allows your boss to install the features and email services that you may otherwise not want on your personal device. Depending on the nature of your job, you may have to grant access to personal information, which is why it’s advised to have a separate work phone.

What’s more, if your personal phone were to be lost or stolen, any confidential work information and data on your device put in the wrong hands could have catastrophic effects for the business.

Keeps You Organised

To get the most out of the working day, you need to be organised and in control from start to finish. If you normally work in the office but find you’re having to operate from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, your routine will be disrupted as a result. Whether you’re sending emails, using specialist software, or need to get in contact with clients, having a separate work phone will enable you to do what you need to do quicker.

If you use your personal phone for work purposes, your contact list will house your friends, family, colleagues, and clients, which can be difficult to manage. The last thing you want is to save a client’s number in your phone and accidentally call them late at night thinking they are a friend or relative. Having a mobile strictly for work will keep you organised and ensure you don’t make any mistakes.

Battery Life

If your job requires you to travel, having constant access to colleagues and clients is critical during your trip. Should your phone run out of charge, this can be a nightmare to fix, especially if you’re out and about. Whether you’re meeting up with a client or need to respond to emails, if you’re uncontactable, this can give off a negative vibe. You must maintain professionalism and be on hand as and when you’re needed, which is why your battery needs to last from the start to the end of the working day.

Using a second phone designed for work will mean you’re not wasting precious battery scrolling through social media, playing games, or calling friends. If you only use your work mobile for calls and emails, your battery life should last for many hours. The last thing you want is to have to keep charging your device during the day, making a second phone a no brainer.

Switch Off from Work

Many of us are passionate about what we do. Whether you work in business, healthcare, or retail, going above and beyond your duties can show your dedication to the company. However, there needs to be a cut-off point, otherwise, you will always be in work mode and find it hard to relax and unwind. After a long and busy day, you may love nothing more than to head onto social media and scroll through your friend’s feeds. But, if you use the phone for multiple purposes, work calls, texts, and emails can increase stress levels and make it hard to switch off.

We all deserve some time away from work, which is why having a separate phone for work will mean you can roam on your personal device without being in the habit of checking your emails. If you’re not on call, simply switch your work phone off, put it in a drawer, and return to it the next morning.


When purchasing another mobile device, you may worry that you will have to buy a whole separate plan, however, this is not the case. Instead of being locked into a 12 or 24 month pay monthly deal, you can look into SIM Only deals from Lebara. There is a SIM only deal for £5 which gives you 2GB of data, 1000 UK minutes, 1000 UK texts, and 100 international minutes to 41 countries, which can be perfect for work purposes, especially if you have clients overseas. What’s more, Lebara’s Best SIM Only deals are 30 day rolling plans, meaning you’re able to cancel or change your deal whenever you want. There are no nasty surprises in the post either thanks to their out of bundle being capped at zero. You can compare SIM only deals to find one that suits your needs.

While many businesses may provide you with a separate work phone and deal, for those who run their own company, it will be left up to you on what to do. Therefore, rather than paying out a fortune on a monthly phone deal that you can’t get out of, a SIM only deal may be the next best thing.

No Interruptions

When you’re taking an important business call, or are in the middle of a lengthy email, the last thing you need is a friend calling you. Once you’re in work mode, being interrupted can decrease productivity levels. Having a separate work phone will mean that only your colleagues and clients can contact you. Make sure you don’t give your number out to friends, otherwise you run the risk of them trying to contact you at inconvenient times.

Your sole focus needs to be on your workload. If you take a personal call in the middle of a task, this could jeopardise the project and you may make mistakes that come back to haunt you later down the line. Having a mobile for work purposes only will prevent this from happening.

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