7 Tips for Playing High Stakes Blackjack

Blackjack is one of those casino games that everybody can get behind. The rules aren’t too convoluted, and if you’re out on a casino indulged weekend with friends or winning hands online, it’s a game that most love to play. With that being said, when the stakes are raised, and the ante is up, things can get a little more pressurised. High stakes blackjack isn’t for the masses but is worth understanding and there’s more information on But if you have the means and the capabilities, it’s a great way to boost your winnings, expeditiously. Here are seven tips that are bound to aid your quest for high stake blackjack glory:

1) Know the Game.

This may sound quite redundant or marginal, but it is vital. As the great Kenny Rodgers once said, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em.” The game in its essence is easy to grasp, but you should also understand the different types of variants out there: Blackjack Switch, Pontoon, Double Attack Blackjack, Double Exposure, Super Fun 21 etc. It’s vital to know which game you’re in as the rules can change in accordance.

Once you understand the basic rules and whatever game you are involved in, it is time to strategize. The game of chance isn’t as simple as that. There’s a myriad of techniques involved for winning big. An awareness of when to split, when to stand, when to hit, when to double is critical to every advantageous high-stake player. Luckily, there are graphs out there in which you can study to gain the upper hand in these situations. Knowledge eventually breeds feel for the game.

2) Reduce the House Edge

To maximise your potential winnings, it’s a clever idea to reduce the chances of your opposition. In this case, that’s the house. It requires a keen eye and cunning approach. With a strategy, you can reduce the house edge from around 3-5% to 0.5%, so a preconceived game plan is vital. Not only that, choosing a casino with a 3:2 pay-out over a 6:5 or 1:1 can also significantly reduce the house advantage. An acknowledgement of a dealer’s action on a soft 17 can also be of benefit. If they hit, it’s to their advantage, so be wary. Also, be on the lookout for a table that allows re-splitting. If you can re-split or hit the split aces, it reduces the house edge.

3) Don’t Chase Losses

Needless to say, chasing lost riches is a sure-fire way to lose even more. There is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s not a shot to your pride; it’s not even necessarily your fault. As cliche as it may be, and most experienced gamblers will agree, sometimes it’s just not your night. Knowing when to walk away is the best advice you can receive when it comes to high stakes. Yes, you can win big, but you can also lose big, and end up in a gargantuan hole you don’t deserve.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Your circumstances are unique to you, so play a game that’s comfortable to you and don’t be afraid to leave when needed.

4) Budget

Drafting a well-constructed and meticulous budget can also be of benefit to any gambler. Each allocation is particular to an individual and will be predicated on your income. As such, being specific in how much you can bring to the casino on each visit should be pre-determined. The beauty of playing online is that some casinos will even let you set a daily limit, so you do not exceed what you cannot spend. It’s useful for your high stakes blackjack safety and mental health.

5) Choose the Right Casino

Selecting a casino that fits you is like a golfer picking the perfect set of clubs. If chosen correctly, it can be a match made in heaven. The most crucial factor – and this is obvious – is to make sure it’s a high stakes casino. It’s critical that they allow you to deposit thousands of pounds so you can roll on the cash. Make sure you check out comparisons to know you’re making the right decision. You can see all their features, even comparing banking options, rewards, loyalty schemes, bonuses, other games to ensure their reputability. Just make sure there’s plenty of rewards for high rollers like you.

6) The Right Bonus

That brings us to choosing the right bonuses. Playing the game, as previously outlined, requires an in-depth amount of strategy. Therefore, it would be wise to suggest that strategy should also relay into selecting quality discounts and offers. Many casinos offer a selection of extra add-ons, but all that glistens is not gold. Players should be aware of prizes that pay out handsomely, and frequently, while also having value; be aware to accentuate your earning power.

7) Counting Cards

This tip is to be taken with a bit of salt and is merely in jest. Counting cards isn’t condoned, nor is it advised, especially in a live casino setting. If a casino catches you, that’s it: you’re out. However, if you’re wild enough, or have the capabilities, you could try it.

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