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8 Easy-to-Grow Indoor Plants 

Recently, all of us are spending more time indoors and have been craving a visit out to nature. What if instead, you bring nature inside to your own house? To spice up your interior and to have a little bit of gardening experience, here is a list of 8 indoor plants that are easy to maintain. 

AloeAloe Vera

This succulent plant with long, pointy leaves has a lot of medicinal properties, as you may already know. It can grow about 3-feet high and make a visible impact indoors. Smaller varieties of the medicinal plant, like the Aloe Vera, work well in small, sunny indoor spaces. Aloe Vera doesn’t need frequent watering and attention. You can let the soil dry out and place it in a warm place with plenty of sunlight. It is important to keep it a place with room temperatures and a lot of light. 

Peace Lily

peace lilyPeace lilies are a very common indoor plant and are easy to grow. Known to be visibly stunning with curving white blooms and dark leaves, they provide a beautiful look to your room. Peace lilies come in white, pink or purple. Easy to maintain, they only need low light, low humidity, moderate temperatures and moist soil. Perfect for a room with fewer windows. 

ivyEnglish Ivy

There’s a somewhat timeless elegance to English Ivy. It’s reasonably easy to grow a brand-new plant for yourself or a friend by cutting off a small part of the stem.  This plant needs moist soil and cooler temperatures for perfect growth.

Spider Plant 

Spider plantChlorophytum comosum, more commonly known as ‘spider plant’ or ‘airplane plant’ can grow in a range of conditions and are extremely adaptable. They prefer cooler temperatures, moist soil and indirect sunlight. 

Snake Plantsnake plant

Dracaena trifasciata or more commonly known as ‘snake plant’, are one of the most tolerant plants. They can ignored for weeks and still manage to look fresh. They can also survive in low light, droughts and have little insect problems. According to NASA, snake plants help keep the air inside your home clean by removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. 


Succulents come in a huge variety of choices. Succulent plants thickened, fleshy or engorged generally to retain water in arid climates. They are versatile and lovely. Like most plants mentioned in our list, they require very little care.


Just like succulents, cacti are easy to manage, strong and come in a large variety. You can simply plant them and leave them alone, watering them very rarely.

 Heartleaf philodendron

Also known as the ‘Sweetheart Plant’, a Heartleaf philodendron is heart-shaped with green glossy leaves. It is a very common house plant because it is super easy to grow. This plant also thrives under fluorescent light, making it a perfect choice for your office. 


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