A Guide to Island-Hopping in the Modern World

Once upon a time, many a British tourist would spend their summers island hopping through the Greek Islands. As the modern world has advanced, Greece has increased in popularity as a tourist destination. This means that island hopping is no longer what it used to be. Gone are the days of climbing aboard the only ferry of the day to grab the opportunity to sleep on a beach. Revel in everything the Islands have to offer you now!

Know the Ferries

While the ferries themselves may have got an upgrade, they still form your best way to get around the islands. Make sure you know everything about the ferries and where they sail to.

There are several different types of ferries you can get. The passenger ferries are the largest and comfiest. Look out for Blue Star or Hellenic Seaways amongst the companies who could take you port to port. Hellenic Seaways also has catamarans for something a little nippier. Finally, there are smaller catamarans like the Superjet. These are the smallest and have the roughest rides so be wary about booking one if you know you are prone to seasickness.

Nowadays, there are many websites you can use to make book trips for the ferries. Most tickets are also e-tickets so you don’t need to worry about trying to print the tickets before you leave.

Feeling particularly adventurous? Why not hire a yacht so you have full control over where and when you sail!

Book a Grand Finale

When you have reached the end of your island-hopping adventure, you should consider booking a villa for a fantastic end to your holiday. What better way to spend the final few days of your holiday than relaxing in a villa in Mykonos?

It makes the perfect base to explore the island from. There are many Mykonos Luxury Villas you can choose from. Why not fly your family out for the week? You could spend some time island-hopping and then settle in for a luxurious holiday with family and friends.

Pick Your Itinerary Carefully

One of the first things you need to do when you decide to island-hop is to decide exactly where you want to go. There are thousands of islands in the Aegean Sea and only the most populous can be reached by ferry. Likewise, you cannot visit all of them so you must decide what you want to do with your holiday.

Want to sail between the party hotspots? Head to Mykonos, Zante, and Malia on Crete to keep the party going. These party towns have everything you need for countless days and nights of fun.

Would you rather get in touch with the rich history of the Ancient Greeks? Amongst the many other islands you should think about, Delo, Naxos, and Kos should be pretty high up your list. Each of these has some impressive and historically significant sites which could be the perfect way for you to get in touch with the times long past.

For the true island-hopping experience, you should not be spending more than a couple of days in each place. You can see all there is to see in just a few days if you are smart and you don’t mind being on the move. By staying in no place longer than maybe 3 days, you have the opportunity to see all the sights you want to and still potentially grab a few hours relaxing on the beach.

Pack Light

Ideally, everything you pack for this holiday should be able to fit inside a piece of carry-on luggage. It is possible to pack enough clothes for two weeks inside a carry-on with a few tips and tricks. Island-hopping requires you to be on the move constantly and you do not want to be literally weighed down by bags and bags of luggage. Choose a lightweight cabin bag with a handle and wheels for easy transport no matter where you happen to be. You can even find ones with straps in a pocket to transform the suitcase into a backpack; handy for jumping on and off ferries!

Wear your bulkiest items to travel to free up extra space in the luggage. This means a pair of sturdy shoes for any activities you want to do like hiking, doing some sightseeing or exploring historical sites, with a pair of lightweight sandals tucked into the suitcase for a day at the beach.

Ditch the heavy clothes and think about lightweight layers. Try to avoid anything that doesn’t match. A good rule of thumb is to leave behind any item of clothing which cannot be used in at least three separate outfits.

Plan well, think ahead, and before long you will be a pro at island-hopping! It might not be as chill and laidback as it used to be in the pre-Internet era, but it is certainly just as fun!

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