A guide to retro and vintage inspired boutiques in the lanes

Frilly collars, pleated skirts, pearls and gloves, wearing fashion trends which existed way before 2023 is still pretty trendy. With Goodwood Revival coming up, it is the perfect excuse to play the adult game of fancy dress. Dress from a time which has been and gone and make it new via vintage fashion. Brighton is not shy of retro clothes, but for a boutique to make your wardrobe look classy and authentically antique, these are our favourite stores. Each has their own character or speciality to explore.

Pretty Eccentric 

A luxury womenswear boutique on Bond Street, the vibrancy of Pretty Eccentric is undeniably classy and stylish. With their clothing being at a higher price, this store is potentially best reserved for special occasions. Their pieces consist of cashmere coats and velvet gowns. Their jewellery and accessories look straight out of a gallery or museum, and would make for the perfect gift to a loved one (or yourself!). They also sell stunning embellished heels, masquerade masks and hair bands reminiscent of the twenties to make you look appropriate for the Greatest of Gatsby’s parties.


Irregular Choice 

The store for accessories to make you stand out from the crowd, find this artistic shop on Bond Street. The name, Irregular Choice, says it all, as you will find handbags and shoes unlike any you would usually choose to style. While they also sell sneakers and boots, their strappy, round-toed heels are ideal for completing a vintage style outfit. Be bold with their loud prints and inventive designs which feature everything from big bows, to unicorn patterns, flamingos, mis-match gingham and a whole lot of glitter. Their pieces are bound to make a statement, encouraging customers to bring dress-up into their day to day wardrobe. 


Lucy & Yak 

If extravagant dresses and flamboyant accessories are not quite your go-to, Lucy & Yak is the place to go to for dungarees and jumpsuits.You can find this colourful spot, which regularly also hosts events, on Kensington Gardens. Best sellers consist of a love-heart print cotton jumpsuit, as well as leopard print corduroy and linen two pieces. This store has some modern twists on retro silhouettes and material, allowing functional workwear of the 1940s to be back in trend! Lucy & Yak, with their sustainable and inclusive ethics, epitomise how to revamp vintage fashion, making it cool and current. 



Dresses with funky prints or slick, minimalistic designs, Collectif stocks in the full range at their London stores and on Brighton’s Bond Street. Swing, tea, pleated, flare, whatever Vintage fit or cut you are looking for, check in at Collectif. They also have t-shirts, trousers and cardigans which are all on theme to suit the fifties and sixties aesthetic so that you can dress vintage in your day way as well as occasionally. 

Read our interview with the brand and store manager HERE


Independent Rag 

Arguably the best way to shop vintage, is to shop second-hand. This is the ultimate way to find authentic pieces, and Independent Rag on Sydney Street is no exception to having fabric gems. Dig deep into the rails, and you could find a dainty cami, or silky slip to prove that pre-loved does not mean worn out. Their outside sale rails offer items of clothing for as cheap as £3, making vintage fashion affordable. Find a statement shirt, or bold blazer to bring back to life at Independent Rag. 


Mad Hatters & Friends

The longest standing independent shop in Brighton, Mad Hatters & Friends on Trafalgar Street may provide you with the perfect topper for your vintage outfit. Discover their world of cocktail hats, fascinators, leather caps, pork pie hats, bailets, and other styles of hat you probably have never even heard of, and can no longer find on the high street. Their range truly is a mesmerising curation of every colour and style, which means you are bound to find a hat from every and any decade. 


Jump the Gun 

This store is renowned for their rejuvenation of mod clothing, nostalgic of men’s fashion in the 1960s. Their polo shirts, suits, Harringtons and parkas are super cool, but their pocket squares and scarves will add that little extra to an outfit. You can get some outfit styling inspiration on their website, or browse the store on Sydney Street where the team will help you amplify your wardrobe. Look smart and stylish by shopping at Jump the Gun.

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