Tattoo Workshop Brighton

A Guide to some of our favourite Tattoo Artists and Studios in Brighton

SMB Tattoo 

The place for unique and creative tattoo styles! SMB has roots and draws inspiration from the city’s vibrant street art and music culture. Each artist specialises in a diverse range of styles including classic black and grey portraits, gothic blackwork, and custom lettering to the bold & ignorant. Utilizing ink, spray paint, calligraphy brushwork, and various mark-making techniques, SMB is known for its high-quality work with detailed painterly and edgy textures. @smbtattoo

True Romance Tattoo 

“I have been in the tattoo industry for 13 years, first as a receptionist at Angelic Hell when I was 18, then learnt with James Robinson the practicals of tattooing and developing my illustrative style. After 9 years, I decided I wanted to create my own space. In 2022 I opened True Romance Tattoo and am now working on creating a beautiful space where clients can feel comfortable, relaxed, and artists feel valued. I would like to invite people into the studio to look through the portfolios and get to know the artists. Hopefully in the future we can put on events too in the studios to support local charities.” – Sophie Sharp (@sophiesharptattoos)


Magic Tattoo 

Magic Tattoo is one of Brighton’s longest-running tattoo shops, offering tattooing in all styles, made with care. They provide a bright, welcoming and friendly space to get tattooed, whether you’re a well-seasoned tattoo collector or visiting us for your first time. They are passionate about tattooing and giving our customers a great experience. The space is wheelchair accessible and inclusive to all. You can get in touch via email to book a free consultation. Walk-ins are always welcome and we open 7 days a week.


Gully Tattoo 

“I’m Gully, a local boy,  tattoo artist of 11 years and owner of Top Boy Tattoo in Hove.

I specialise in miniature portraits but have been experimenting with colour work & lettering recently. I love keeping my style up to date and thinking outside of the box to create something no other tattooist has.”


Gunpoint Tattoo 

Tattooing at Gunpoint is Hove’s premier Tattoo studio. Established in 1995 it has been in its current location on Hove seafront since 1998. The studio is manned by Scrow  (Hove’s very first registered Tattooist), Mike and Genie. They say, “We operate in a very relaxed environment, taking nothing too seriously except for our work. Our customers can either supply their own designs, or we can create a bespoke piece. Let your imagination run riot!”


Hollie Dawson (Little Hollie) 

Hollie is a Brighton & Hove Resident and has always lived here. She is a tattoo artist specialising in black and grey realism and fine line work. She has been tattooing for 7 years now, 4 years of which was an apprenticeship at Skin candy tattoo studio where Hollie Shannon was her mentor. After an extra 2 years at The Terrace Studios, she is now currently working in a private studio in Hove. She says, “what I love about my job is that people want to be tattooed by me and that’s what I find more rewarding” 


Terrace Studios  

In association with The Terrace Barbers, comes Terrace Studios, one of Brighton and Hove’s fastest growing and increasingly renowned tattoo studios. Housing some of the most talented artists you will find south of the capital. Originally known more for their stamp on the hair industry, the Terrace team are quickly becoming big hitters of the south coast  tattoo scene also. They now have two studios, one in central and one in suburban Brighton. Their services span multiple industries, with tattooing at the forefront, followed by aesthetics and scalp micro-pigmentation. A modern and inclusive studio who aim to deliver the highest level of tattooing in a light, bright, friendly and relaxed environment.@terrace_studios

Tattoo Workshop 

Cool tattoos, the way you want them – take your pick from 7 resident tattooists. Tattoo Workshop’s artists cater to all styles of tattooing; from delicate fine line to heavy blackwork, either by machine or hand. Their studio is a 5 minute walk from Brighton station and carries vegan inks. It also benefits from step-free, wheelchair-friendly access. Tattoo Workshop is a registered studio and all artists are fully licensed, with a minimum of 6 years experience. Walk-in appointments for smaller pieces and traditional ‘flash’ are welcome and their kettle is always on!


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