St. Patrick's Day Brighton and Hove

A Guide to the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in Brighton

The Americanisation of St. Patrick’s Day had transformed it from a low-key day of religious observance into a huge three day long festival of drinking and singing. This combined with an Ireland rugby team in pole position to claim another Six Nations grand Slam, this Paddy’s day has the potential to be wild. Should you want to partake in the festivities, grab something green and listen up because we have compiled this guide to help you plan the perfect Irish themed weekend.

There are a whole host of pubs and bars across the city embracing St Paddy’s with fantastic offers and traditional Irish music, here are just a few of the bars we recommend you visit this St. Patrick’s Brighton.

Mrs Fitzherberts: This multi-floor city centre venue is going all out this St Paddy’s Day with exclusive deals on Guinness, Baby Guinness, Dublin Drops and Irish Whiskey and Cream. Combine this with a late night DJ and 2 for 12 cocktails, it promises to be a lively night.

The Fiddler’s Elbow are arguably Brighton’s most popular Irish pub and are once again throwing their iconic street party this Saturday. Hosting eight different music and comedic acts, as well as broadcasting live Rugby, it’s the perfect place to carry your Paddy’s day long into the weekend.

The Font in South Lanes are also putting on a wide range of deals this year. Notably, free pints of Guinness for those named Patrick or Patricia! At the The Font, the party goes on all weekend, with hearty food, uplifting music, and a relaxed vibe.

If pubs are not really your thing (although I highly doubt that’s the case considering you’re reading this article), here are a multitude of other events occuring in the city this year…

Hope Cove, an authentic Irish folk band are performing at the The Folklore rooms on Friday night, with free entry, it’s the ideal way to celebrate St Patrick’s in a more traditional fashion.

St. Patrick’s Day eve: The best Irish Comedy, is coming to Platf9rm in Hove on the 16th March. Kicking-off at 6pm, four of Ireland’s finest comedians including Vittorio Angelone, Mark Rice, Matthew McAloone and Jasmin Gleeson all converge in a vibrant, intimate venue. Tickets start from just £12, or for £30, you’ll get admission, a free pint of Gunniess and a burger + side meal prepared from SLAM BBQ’s special St. Patrick’s menu.

St. Patrick’s Day Run (Hyde Park, London): Something for those who fancy going further afield, this weekend. On Saturday at 3pm London Kilt Run are hosting their third annual St Patrick’s day run, and it’s well worth the watch, as people complete the 5km journey around Hyde Park in whacky Irish themed costumes, before rolling onto a local pub to watch the rugby.

Should you opt for a quieter weekend this year, there are still plenty of ways you can channel the Irish spirit. The aforementioned Six Nations concludes on Saturday with Ireland attempting to secure a sixth title with a win over pre-tournament favourites England. So why not settle down for a relaxing afternoon in front of the Rugby with some of these traditional Irish food and drinks...

Baby Guinness: Despite not actually containing any Guinness at all, it is remarkably easy to make a baby Guinness from the comfort of your own home. Pour one shot Irish Cream on top of three shots Coffee liqueur (and some black sambuca if you’re feeling brave) into a small glass and voila, your very own miniature Guinness.

Luck of the Irish: This vibrant appetising green cocktail, with an equally appealing name, will leave you with that special Irish feeling. Made with whiskey, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and lime soda.

Soda Farls: Traditional yet simple, this Irish bread can be made quickly, even by inexperienced bakers. Put 250g of flour, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1.5 teaspoons of baking soda into a bowl with 250ml of buttermilk. Mix until a dough begins to form, then knead on a flour covered surface to form a 3cm thick circle. Cut the dough into quarters and in a hot, flour coated pan and cook until golden brown.

Dublin Coddle: A hearty, slow-cooked, Irish main course traditionally enjoyed in the evening upon return from the pub, there are many different variations to this classic dish. Fry 6 roughly chopped bacon rashers in a frying pan, add 2 diced onions and fry until translucent. Pour 250 ml of stout beer and 1 litre of beef/chicken stock into the pan, adding salt, pepper, thyme and parsley to season. Then add 6 potatoes, peeled and halved before adding the sausages and bringing the broth to a simmer for 2 hours covered and 1 hour uncovered.

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