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A Humble Bow to Brighton: Celebrating a BRAVO Win

Brighton, UK, April 8, 2024 – The team at terre à terre is thrilled and profoundly humbled to announce its recent recognition as the Best Restaurant in Brighton, an accolade awarded by the prestigious BRAVO awards. This honour is not just a testament to their culinary innovation but a celebration of the journey they have embarked upon with the cherished terre à terre family and supporters. 

Thirty years ago, terre à terre was born from a simple dream shared among a small band of young, enthusiastic, and hardworking individuals. Today, that dream has flourished, encompassing several generations of their extended family. In a beautiful full-circle moment, they find themselves employing the children of those who were with them at the beginning. Such is the nature of life but also the magic that is Brighton. Once here, why would anyone want to leave?

Brighton’s adventurous spirit welcomed terre à terre’s unconventional approach from the start. The city has been a steadfast supporter over the years, including the recent post-Covid period. This incredible support has fuelled their resilience, allowing their doors to remain wide open to everyone who wishes to experience the food they love. 

The journey at terre à terre has been marked by the milestones of those who have walked through their doors. What a privilege it has been to help them mark their family milestones: engagements, wedding parties, anniversaries, births, and funerals too, and to continue meeting new customers with whom they hope to carry on this tradition. 

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The BRAVO award reflects their collective journey – a journey of innovation, sustainability, and culinary excellence. They are immensely proud of their team, their alumni, and the indelible marks they have left on the community and themselves. They have ventured on to create new careers and businesses, contributing to Brighton’s dynamic and enterprising spirit, not to mention its outstanding culinary landscape. Each one, in their unique way, has been a part of a larger movement towards a healthier, happier planet. 

In accepting this award, terre à terre does so on behalf of every individual who has been a part of their story. 

They invite everyone to read more about their journey and the ethos that drives them on the About Us page. As they celebrate this accolade, detailed beautifully at Top 20 Restaurants in Brighton, they look forward to continuing to serve you, to celebrate life’s moments with you, and to forge new traditions together. 

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Brighton. Here’s to many more years of innovation, celebration, and community.” Amanda, co-founder. 

Ellen Richardson - Restaurants Brighton Image 2 Terre 16.8.23-27

About terre à terre 

terre à terre, based in Brighton, is renowned for its innovative and sustainable approach to food. For over three decades, terre à terre has been at the forefront of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, masterfully crafting its menus to please any diner. Their diverse offerings range from an innovative à la carte menu and a child-friendly menu entitled ‘Little Terrors,’ to curated special menus and high-value set and tasting menu options, designed for the whole family. Known for turning plant-based ingredients into extraordinarily satisfying dishes, terre à terre proves that vegetarian dining can be both delightful and fulfilling for everyone at the table. 


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