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A local Business launches a Calligraphy Kit to Support Art and Mental Health

Amy Goble, founder and owner of The Amyverse, launches a modern calligraphy kit to help people develop a hobby that relaxes them during the lockdown.

The modern calligraphy kit includes 14 pages of activities,10 pages of calligraphy guide sheets, DIY-postcards and a calligraphy pen. Each kit is personalised with an option to send as a gift. There is also an option to add the supporting videos where a link to a tutorial video will be included in the kit. 

Launched in 2018, The Amyverse specialises in bespoke wedding stationery. With the combination of calligraphy, illustrations and weddings the Amyverse creates everything from save-the-dates and invitations to all the on the day pieces. They also sell cards, calligraphy prints, illustrations and personalised gifts.

Along with the modern and artesian products, the Amyverse is eco-friendly. All the cards and prints are printed on 100% recycled materials. They have ‘naked cards’ which are sold without single-use plastic wrapping. All items are plastic-free including the packaging made of recycled items. 

When asked about how her products help people remain calm during these times, Amy responded: “Calligraphy can be fantastic for your mental health. I have seen first-hand the impact of being creative and doing something that I love on my wellbeing. I was drawn to calligraphy at a time where I was very unhappy and stressed in my day job and I needed a way to relax. I find myself drawing letters when I am anxious. I always have a calligraphy pen on me. The power of some ‘me-time’ is amazing”

Based in Shoreham-by-sea, The Amyverse also offers workshops and support to the people who want to learn the art of modern calligraphy. During the lockdown, things haven’t changed, it has simply gone virtual. They are now offering 40 minutes one-on-one support via zoom from the comfort of their homes due to social distancing rules. The kit is designed for absolute beginners and improvers, children and adults. 

With a selection of positive and inspiring messages to help people re

main positive and motivated, the kit gives people a chance to tap into their artsy side with an artform so different.

“I use prompts in my kit, as one thing people can struggle with when starting is knowing what to write. I have fun prompts and activities to help people learn the fundamentals until they become comfortable with their new hobby. It can be hard as a beginner to master the composition as well as all the calligraphy, so I have created guides and prompts to take that worry away from them as they learn to produce something beautiful.” Amy added.

To see more examples of their work, please visit The Amyverse and to buy their products visit their Etsy Shop.

They are also available on Instagram.

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