A Musical Homage to Brighton

Brighton in the summer: when the sun is out, there’s nowhere quite like it. Beach life in this South Coast city boasts seafront bars, clubs and idiosyncratic shops and cafes – it’s no wonder we’re not the only ones to love this city.

Jules Pestano asks some of the biggest names in music why it’s the best place to be.

James Bay

“I don’t get back to Brighton very often sadly. I lived there with my girlfriend when I was a BIMM student and we both say it would be good to get back there one day. Living by the sea is the greatest. Especially when it’s sunny. We lived on Lansdowne Place and we used to come out the flat and go down to Hove beach. I love Brighton.”

Gabrielle Aplin

“The best thing about Brighton is that everybody’s always doing something different. Doing cool things like making handbags. There’s lots of arts and crafts. I moved here with friends after London had become a bit too much.”

Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr

“I love Brighton and even when we are away working in LA, there’s nothing like Brighton – especially in the summer. It’s very easy to jump straight back into life in Brighton when I’ve been away. When I’ve been away and get back, the first thing I do is go to sleep. Then I like to go for a run on the seafront. It’s my favourite part of Brighton.”

Rag N Bone Man

“I moved to Brighton in 2008 because it had a cool hip-hop scene. There was an open mic night at The Hope pub and I used to go there and sing over beats. It’s a great place to walk around in the summer. Since my success I can’t fucking hide but I quite like it as most people are really nice. They are proud of me.”

Chloe Bodur

“There’s nothing better than going to the beach when the weather’s nice. Living by the sea is perfect in summer. Everyone’s so nice here. I moved here from London and it changed everything. Brighton is that friend of yours that will tell you that you look, sound and are amazing even when you’re not and London is your brutally honest mate that will tell you how sh*t everything really is. I need both of them in my life right now.”

Izzy B Phillips, Black Honey

“Brighton is in my bones. I’ve spent years working in different bars and I worked in The Electro for a couple of years. Summers are usually spent rehearsing, writing and going to gigs. Brighton is an amazing place because you’re accepted and almost celebrated for being different and someone who has never fitted in can find salvation.”

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