A Taste Of India – Review

Living in Brighton, there is never a shortage of interesting and tasty places to eat. I always look for new restaurants to try, or new foods to experience, and that’s when I came across The Taste of India. After a very long train journey, returning home after visiting my family in Liverpool over Christmas, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. I was so used to a few days of laziness, being cooked for and having great food everywhere.

I decided to look for an Indian takeaway I’d not tried before. The Taste of India was newly opened and nearby on Hove’s Church Road, so I decided to give them a try. The Taste of India owners guarantee fresh, local ingredients with competitive prices. With over 40 years’ experience running a family-owned restaurant in London, they’ve decided to broaden their horizons and share their exciting and secret family recipes with us Brightonians.

They’re bursting with confidence in the brand, adding that ‘the chef eats here’ – which is always good to know. As usual, my eyes were way too big for my belly, I ordered a Dhal Soup to start, a Prawn Rogan with rice and naan, always one of my favourite dishes, a side of Sag Aloo and here’s where the greed really kicks in… a Garlic Paneer Chilli Bhuna.

The dishes were ready for collection in good time, and I sent my partner/slave on an errand as I usually do – using the fact that I can’t drive as a running excuse for being completely lazy. I used an exclusive offer and got 20% off my meal. Which was great, as it’s already reasonably priced and just meant I could order more. It maybe defeats the object, but I do love my food.

Now, I am one to brag about my own homemade Daal, but this one blew mine straight out of the water. It was thick and rich with lemon, had the perfect texture and was exactly what I needed after such a long journey – and only £3.45. The Rogan was beautiful, I decided on the prawns (£6.45) and if you think I was too full by now, you’re wrong. I turned attentions to my Sag Aloo side dish (£3.45); the potatoes were perfectly cooked and perfectly buttered, I almost felt like Goldilocks eating this Indian banquet.

The Paneer, (£7.95) although in the mains section, I would think of as more of a side dish. That’s where I finally had to give up and put some of this feast away until the next day. I was beaten, but I found it hard to stop as it was utterly delicious.

I would highly recommend the options I chose, although the menu boasts a huge range of recipes and dishes. The chef’s own favourites include his Jalfrezi and the Chicken Tikka Masala which ‘will not foul your taste buds.’ There is a little something for everyone – meat, vegetarian or vegan. One of the best Indian takeaways I have tried in Brighton & Hove, and that’s why I love seeing new places spring up across the city. The portions were incredible, very good value for money. Knowing all this food was cooked by an award-winning chef with over 25 years’ experience gave me high expectations which they certainly met. ‘You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.’

Find A Taste Of India at 194 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2DJ


Words by Natalie Edge

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