Brighton & Hove Albion staff and players are joining efforts to reach out to vulnerable members of the community during the Covid-19 situation

Albion’s players join ring-round to the over 70s

Starting this Thursday (Thurs 26 March), Albion players and staff – including head coach Graham Potter, club legend Bruno, chairman Tony Bloom, chief executive Paul Barber and executive director Martin Perry – will begin checking in our elderly and vulnerable supporters by phone in an initiative announced by the club last week.

Albion’s supporter services team have now moved their operation to home working and one of their first tasks will be to start the telephone campaign.

Writing last week, chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber promised, “Our supporter services team continues to work on seat moves and processing new season tickets for fans on the waiting list.

“Once they complete that task, and with the help of other staff whose workloads are reduced, they plan to begin a telephone service checking in on our older supporters who are self-isolating at home – even if it’s just to chat about their experiences supporting the Albion.

“We are a community club and it’s a small but practical thing we can do to support people who mean a lot to us and who have been there for the club over many years.”

Brighton & Hove Albion’s supporter services team will continue working for those wishing to convert from the waiting list to buy a season ticket. They will also activate the three-month payment holiday option for monthly season-ticket holders announced earlier today, but to help us call as many of our elderly fans as possible, supporters are asked to consider using our online ticketing service.

With much of the season-ticket renewal work completed, this will free up several hours for the team to begin calling each of the club’s supporters aged over 70 to check in with them – assisted by members of staff whose workloads have dropped off as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Staff have details of supporters in their immediate geographical area and will contact them to ensure that those now forced into self-isolation are getting the things they need – and a regular phone call and chat. Bloom, Barber, Perry, Potter and Bruno were amongst the first wave of staff to volunteer for the ring round – with several others quick to sign up.

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