Alternative Nights Out in Brighton

When looking for a night out that is a little different, it is fair to say that Brighton has some of the quirkiest and alternative destinations available. With that in mind we’ve put together a few ideas for places to visit that are a little different, but most importantly are fun.

Dead Wax Social

Fans of music know that vinyl has a certain sound to it that adds to music and makes the experience all that more special. If you are a fan of the vinyl, then Dead Wax Social may be the place for you. A bar that celebrates Brighton’s music scene, you’ll find record players dotted around the bar ready for your private listening pleasure. With launch night events, it can also make for an exciting destination, for the big music releases.

Lucky Voice Karaoke

Another fun side of music is of course Karaoke. With the form of singing becoming even more popular these days, it comes as no surprise that Brighton would have a few Karaoke bars. What makes Lucky Voice special though is that it is based on one of the most famous Japanese karaoke bars. With booths available for groups, it can make for a fun night out with a few friends.

Jewel Fun Casinos

If you’ve ever had to have a special casino event for you and your friends, this is possible in Brighton thanks to Jewel Fun Casinos. There are themed nights that allow for James Bond style settings or even big Las Vegas nights. To get the feel of the casino experience, be sure to visit some online casino sites like Spinit new online casino to see if this is the choice for you.

The Lion and the Lobster

For fans of bars with more of a history, the Lion and the Lobster offers a chance to experience 500 years of history. Full of atmosphere, there are plenty of cosy nooks to hide in to enjoy the history of the good old-fashioned pub.

The Mesmerist

Ever wanted to experience a 1920’s prohibition bar? Then the Mesmerist can offer you that experience. Full of vintage charm, there are even circus performers to liven up the event and make it feel a little different. With burlesque performers too, this makes for an entertaining and unique night out in Brighton.

Ad Hoc Art

When looking for something truly unique, especially with art sometimes you can’t pin it down to one building. One thing that is impressive about Brighton is the way art can simply spring up, then simply vanish again. To experience this type of art though you’ll need to keep your ears to the ground to find out the latest rumours of where things will pop up next. Find out about an event though and you’ll be lucky to experience something special.

The beauty of Brighton is the fact there are so many different things to do. Whatever your taste or your style, there is something waiting to be discovered, you just have to get out there and find it. Whether it is going to a quirky bar, having a special themed night out with friends or simply finding an impressive piece of art work, the possibilities are there for those who look.

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