Amazing new art school arrives in Brighton

Moveover Monet. Watch-out Warhol! There’s a throng of young artists in town, and their work is causing quite a stir…

Cygnets’ Art School is a children’s franchise that has just landed in Brighton. They teach fine art to youngsters aged 5+, with truly impressive results. 

The franchise business has been incredibly popular over recent years. They have now helped thousands of children since their inception in 2012. Founded by Chelsea College of Art graduate Tabitha Booth, and her talented husband, James Heslip, the skillset and knowledge-base is outstanding. The pair have opened dozens of new branches in recent years, and are expecting to cover the UK in the foreseeable future. 

Set to make quite the impact this year, Cygnets have some very sizeable ambitions in Brighton: 

“Over the next 12 months we have initial expectations of helping a select 50 children to enjoy their art more…” says local franchise owner, Saya McNairn-Yanagi. “It’s going to be a whirlwind year, and hugely exciting for the lucky students who’ll get to experience the Cygnets methods for the first time.” 

For many people, art isn’t easy. Replicating a beautiful landscape, or depicting the details of a human face can be quite a challenge. But Cygnets Art School helps change all of that.

The consistency and scale of amazing images produced in their classes is striking, and by students so young. So what’s the secret? 

“We teach using a unique, step-by-step method that allows even the youngest students to pick up some of the toughest techniques.” “That’s how we help students achieve more than they ‘d ever expected of themselves.” 

With art being arguably ‘under-taught’ in UK schools, the need for excellent teaching is growing. Cygnet’s entire ethos oozes passion and quality, and it shows! Just one visit to their website reveals a treasure trove of art produced by their budding artists. With rainbow chameleons, stoic tribal faces, delicate dandelions. Also spy depictions of hurried hares and proud peacocks practically pouncing from the page; the range of techniques on display is remarkable. It’s no surprise, then, the sessions are so very popular.

“Creativity plays such an enormous part in the development of children’s brains, and the more that art is sidelined in schools, the more important it is that companies such as Cygnets exist to keep that creativity alive.”explains founder, Tabitha Booth. 

“There’s a whole host of benefits children get from stimulating their creativity in these sessions” she continues. “It aids mental health, promotes imaginative thinking, and develops fine motor control. Plus, above all – it’s super fun.” 

“Our mission is to have a branch of Cygnets in every area of the UK. To give confidence and inspire those who may not have considered themselves capable before.” says Saya. “We can’t wait to get started and get out and begin meeting the local students, and truly WOW them with their results.” 

If your child is interested is trying art classes with Cygnets Art School, please call Saya McNairn-Yanagi, on 07932862678 or visit

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