Amon Amarth at Concorde 2 – review

Well the word must have got out that England is an easy country to invade (despite Mr Farage’s best efforts!) and following on from their Swedish brethren Sabaton who came over to Brighton a few months back, Amon Amarth decided it was time for them to conquer the UK.

With a 14 date tour of the UK, the Viking lords with their deeply rooted melodic death metal and lyrics centred on Viking history and Norse mythology, descended onto Brighton’s Concorde 2 on the Fri 16 Jan for their first conquest.

First support for the night was from Savage Messiah a heavy metal thrash band from London. The band consists of Dave Silver on lead guitar and vocals, Joff Bailey on lead guitar, Mira Slama on bass and Andrea Gorio on drums.

Main support was from Huntress from California, a female fronted heavy metal group whose influences are from thrash and doom metal. Members of the band are:-Jill Janus – vocals, Blake Meahl – lead guitar, Ian Alden – bass , Carl Wierzbicky – drums and Eli Santana – rhythm guitar.

Once again, and as it was a Friday night, the Concorde2‘s doors were open at the early time of 6pm with the first support on-stage at 6:30pm. Despite this early start Savage Messiah did get a good reception with the floor being nearly full and they opened up the event with some great home grown thrash metal that got the crowd chanting away very quickly, but it seemed all to quick that their short set came to an end.

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Savage Messiah

Next up was Huntress who were on stage at 7:15pm. Whilst the floor seemed to be a little fuller, the group didn’t seem to get the crowd going quite as much, and they seemed to prefer to just listen and clap at the end of each song.
Once Huntress had finished their set, it did seem quite a while, while the stage was cleared and reset before the main act was to be on-stage at 8:30pm. The auditorium was now packed for this sold out event.

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Then at 8:30pm it was very clear that the Vikings were invading with the pounding drums, heavy riffs from the guitars and deep growls from the singer straight from the start. The audience responded in the best way that they could with crowd surfing, mosh pits and wall of death, but the mighty Viking force was too powerful and soon Brighton’s Concorde2 was totally under the control of Amon Amarth …

Their 15 song setlist kept the audience in check for nearly an hour and a quarter before they decided that victory was theirs and the Viking force left the stage..

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Amon Amarth

Then what was this, was submission by the Brighton audience not enough? Apparently not, as they must have awoken the Viking gods as from the stage area came almighty claps of thunder and the lightening started…. This of course bought the band back on-stage to give their final assault of two more tracks for their encore. ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’ and ‘The Pursuit of Vikings’. With the final song the Concorde2’s floor took some beating with just about everyone in the audience jumping up and down and chanting back to the band.
All I can say is what a great heavy metal start to the New Year this was and to thank Concorde2 and Advance promotions for putting on yet another sold out event for us.

Words by: Robert Sutton. Images by: Robert Sutton Photography.

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