Cosmo Sarson creates landmark ‘Angel of Brighton’ mural

Cosmo Sarson kicks off 2018 quite literally to a flying start, with his unveiling of Angel of Brighton. This new mural scales the side of a 3 story building in The Lanes area of Brighton and will be completed on Sat 6 Jan.

Famous for his Breakdancing Jesus mural opposite Banksy’s Mild Mild West in Bristol that garnered headlines around the world, this is his long awaited return to the public stage. At over 20’ high the mural will use 4kg of gold glitter mixed into the paint as part of its background and depict a ‘near nude’ female figure metaphorically rising from the ashes of 2017.

Painted in memory of his father Timothy Sarson, who will have died almost a year to the day of this murals completion, and as a beacon of hope to all of those that have had a difficult year also, this new mural is intended as a promise of things to come.

Classically trained and mentored by the Turner Prize nominated artist Peter Doig, Cosmo uses traditional fresco techniques to create his street art pieces and calls it ‘Classic with a Twist’ – using just brushes and and earth pigment paints such as ochres and umbers…. And glitter.

With numerous film credits to his name, Cosmo’s ‘day job’ as a scenic artist at Pinewood and Shepperton film studios has led to his work being in the private collection of Brad Pitt amongst others.

This mural is backed by Art Republic with technical support from Facelift GB.

A limited edition fine art print based on the mural will be released next month.

Cosmo Sarson unveils Angel of Brighton on Sat 6 Jan 206, at 20 Regent Street, Brighton BN1 1UL

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